Thursday, March 17, 2011

Samoa (cont.)

Here are just a few random pics from our second day there. This trip we just spent a lot of time around the house and visiting people in his village. This is the coconut tree in front of the house. Right now it's short enough that even I can pick a coconut from it!Leila LOVED this cat. I'm not a cat person, but I loved this cat too. The markings are so awesome, and the cat is so calm and chill. He let Leila pet him, poke him, hit him, lay next to him, etc. without problem. Occasionally he would bat at her with his paws, but never in a mean way. Plus, he takes care of things around the house. He catches cockroaches and other bugs and eats them. Gross, but the more he eats, the less there are to worry about! We took NUMEROUS photos of Leila chasing and playing with "kitty kitty kitty."This scene was very common. Leila loves to sit on small steps at my parents house, so when she saw grandma sitting on this small step, she sat right down and made herself at home. She sat her a LOT while we were there.
The following image may be offensive to some. Sorry. Deal with it.
So this is how the story goes. I'm sitting on a bench when I hear a small THUD then "squawk." Then again, and again, and again. Yep, dead chickens being dropped onto the concrete. After each drop, they each squawked their last squawk. The red on the chicken is feathers, not blood.
Levi told me to post this picture as "America's Most Wanted."
If you see this man, contact authorities immediately. :)
(05/10/2206 = 02/25/2011)

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