Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Daughter is Cute

So Sunday night we were driving down Bangerter past the Oquirrh Mountain Temple.  I pointed it out to Leila and told her "it's the temple."  She said "That's not a temple...that's a princess castle."  She always points at my wedding picture and says 'mommy princess dress' so I said "when you wear your princess dress you can go in that castle."  Her response..."I not a princess."  Little does she know that she is a princess and someday her prince will take her inside God's castle.

During the same drive we were trying to get her to say Aiono.  "Leila, say 'Aiono'."  Her response, "I not I no no."  (like she was getting in trouble even though we never say "no no" specifically. 

On Tuesday, I left work early to take Kuso to the doctor.  Turns out, he was recovering from pneumonia.  We got home and Kuso fell asleep on the recliner.  I was kind of dosing on the love seat and Leila came up and whispered "Mommy?  you asleep?" I didn't answer and next thing I know she picked up her night gown that was on the floor from the night before and put it over my arms like a blanket, leaned in and kissed my cheek and whispered "love you."  Then went about playing. 

Told you she was cute.

She is a great copy cat.  She has started to immitate everything I do.  When I comb her hair and she is playing with the elastic, I tap her shoulder, put my hand out and say "give me the pony tail."  Well, she is "in" to "doing my hair" now and does the EXACT same thing - movements, tone of voice, everything. 

My mom was combing her hair and while using the spray bottle she accidentally got some on the mirror.  Leila says "Grandma.  Don't. Squirt. The. Mirror."  Then it happened again.  She said the same thing, the same way, same irritated voice.  Can you guess what she hears when she plays with the water bottle while I'm combing her hair?

I probably shouldn't repeat this last story, but for history sake I am going to.  A few months ago, while driving with just Leila and myself in the car, I got irritated at this little white pickup truck and said "stay in your own lane you freaking retard."  (Note:  I try VERY hard not to use "retard" to describe something I don't like.  I used to use it a LOT.  I'm much improved but in the moment, it just came out.  I apologize to any who may be offended by that.)  So Leila responds "I not a freakin 'tard." 

Love you Bugglesquirt!