Monday, February 6, 2012

Monkey See...Monkey Do

So Leila is WAY into that phase of copying everything she see's and hears. This past weekend I took her to the University of Utah Gymanstics meet (They are currently ranked #1 GO UTES!) While watching the events, Leila started copying their arms (weird dancing moves) and jumping on her seat. HILARIOUS. Until she notices that you are watching, then she slaps your shoulder and tells you to "Stop It" with her eyebrows furrowed.

Then, last night, we were watching the Super Bowl. While Madonna performed (which was one of my favorite half time shows in a long time - especially since she kept it VERY appropriate from how she NORMALLY performs) Leila was doing the same thing... Copying their dance moves. This took place while laying across my parents laps or on the floor. Then she wanted to be "on stage" I guess, so she stood up on the seat of the rocking horse and danced on there, which was next to the TV, so we got to watch both "shows" at the same time. I LOVE it.

She loves to watch Yo! Gabba Gabba! and Mickey Mouse Club House. I LOVE that she is into copying their dance moves, and yelling words when they say to yell. I LOVE watching her learn and grow. Love. Love. Love it!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I've got other stuff to post (like Christmas and other stuff) but I just can't get motivated to get pictures uploaded. SO...until that happens, I just wanted to post this funny thing that happened last night.

I was at a "Shelf Reliance Party" (food storage - actually pretty tasty - I'm kind of interested in getting a few items) and Leila was with me. One of her friends from Nursery was also there so they played around. They were actually really well behaved given that they were in a small space for close to two hours. Anyway, by the end they were getting a little more rowdy and Leila ended up tripping on the carpet and slammed her face into the bottom bar of a folding chair. Bloody Lip (kind of like the one from Wheeler Farm back in October.) This is not the funny part, although I do think it's kind of funny when she FINALLY gets hurt after how WILD she is ALL. DAY. LONG.

So we get home kind of the way...she had not had any nap all day long. She fell asleep in the car for about three minutes. That's. it. Anyway, it's late and she is sad because she just broke her face open so she does NOT want to get in the bath. (I can't really blame her - she was exhausted.) So we changed her into pajamas, got her sippy, and put her in bed to watch a movie. WELL...since her lip hurt, so did drinking the sippy. So she didn't get to do her normal "fall asleep" routine. She came out of her room and wanted some bread and to "snuggle with mom." (I'm a sucker.)

NOW I'm getting to the funny part...

She tells me she wants to watch TV. As I'm turning the TV on, she tells me she wants to watch "Make a Cake." (Cake Boss or Next Great Baker.) I had recorded the finale for Next Great Baker so we turned it on. She sat on my lap and watched it. WHAT 2 year old likes that show? Then she hops off my lap and pulls me to the kitchen. I open the pantry to see what she wanted to eat and she ...wait for it...wait for it.... told me she wants to make a cake! When I told her it was too late to make a cake, she fell on the floor and sobbed. LOL!

The BEST part is she has only seen me make a cake probably once. And it was just in a pan with canned frosting. Nothing special like on Cake Boss! I was laughing so hard while she laid on the floor and cried.

So, maybe I'll have to start making cakes. (A talent I do NOT possess.)

Sorry if you didn't think this was as funny as I did...but it still makes me giggle a bit.