Thursday, November 7, 2013

Funny Girl

Oh Leila.  You crack me up.   Here are a few of the funny things you have said and done lately.

You told me you were a butterfly,  and that you had to hold on to things to keep from flying off ( as you proceeded through the room holding on to grounded objects.)

After you finished going potty you asked me to wipe you.
Mom: You can do it yourself.
Leila: No.  I'm a super hero.
Mom: Super hero's can't wipe themselves?
Leila: ( matter of factly)  No. You are a super hero too, so you can't wipe me either.
In the end, grandma did it.

In the primary program,  you were asked "What are some things Heavenly Father has given us to show us he loves us?"  Your answer was " Toys, food, and grandma's."

You started into a hand stand, so your hands were on the ground, one foot on the ground, and one foot in the air.  You told us that you "looked like a temple" because your leg was tall like a steeple. 

While driving to the babysitter in the morning, there was a lot of traffic so things were moving kind of slow.  You said, "Mom, does that dude make you mad?"  (I guess I need to calm my temper when I drive so she doesn't think I'm always mad at slow people.  But her use of "dude" was pretty funny.

At your last tumbling class, the teacher asked you to show her your favorite trick.  By "trick" she meant a handstand, or a summersault, or something to that effect.  You ran over and told me you want to do your "twister."  That day in class, she had taught you to jump up and spin in a circle and land again.  I thought that's what you were planning.  Nope.  You ran out to the mat, laid on your back, put your hands and feet up in the air and twisted your arms with each other and your legs with each other....think "dead dog" with twisted limbs.  It caught me so off guard that I laughed out loud, hard.  It embarrassed you and you cried.  Through the night I was able to reaffirm that you had done a good job and you started to show other people your "trick."  Soon enough, some of your friends started thinking it was cool because they could do it too. 

AND one final thought on how SWEET you can be....last night (11/06/13) you actually played with Sinave, in your room, for 45+ minutes.  The both of you were so happy and quiet and it was SO nice to sit on the couch, watch TV (a show of my choosing) and just relax for a few minutes while the two of you had fun together.  You are hyper sensitive about being responsible for your brother.  I told you as soon as he started crawling that you had to keep all small things off the floor, and if you didn't want me to throw them away, you needed to keep them in your room.  You have done well for the most part, BUT, that has also put you hyper sensitive about allowing him to be in your room.  Well, last night, you finally let your guard down and just had fun with him.  I honestly sat on the couch, wiht a big smile on my face, knowing the bond that was growing between the two of you.  I know there will be bad times, but those good times will outweigh the bad down the road.  So, thank you for letting yourself love your brother.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Leila Marie - 4 years old!


Leila.  At 4 years old, you are so smart, bright, intelligent, funny, beautiful, strong, talented, stubborn, sassy, loving, caring, and just an independent spirit.

You currently wear size 5 or 6 in most things.  At last check, you were 44 pounds and probably 40 inches tall.  You are probably taller than that by now. 

You have been taking tumbling classes, and swim classes.  I can't tell which you enjoy more.  You recently told me you want to take a "ballerina" class, so you will likely take a dance class next.  I have been wanting you to take dance, but don't want to burn you out too young as I hope you become a beautiful Polynesian dancer under the supervision of your dad and cousins. 

You are the best big sister a family could ask for.  You have been protective of Sinave since day one.  Auntie Alofa "tried to take Sinave home from the hospital" and in your mighty stature put yourself between her and the door just knowing that you would be able to stop her.  When anyone jokes that they are going to take Sinave with them, you get defensive or even upset that they would do that.

You are pretty good helper.  Most of the time.

You LOVE people.  You are very social.  You are the "welcome party" at the play lands at fast food restaurants.  You always pout when people "won't play with you."

When you get mad or sad, you say "I want to go home."  But if we are home, you say "I want daddy (or grandma.)" 

You tell me how to drive.  You make sure we use two hands.  One day I was yelling at cars to "GO!" You, in your infinite wisdom, said, "Mom? Are you yelling at those cars?"  "Yes."  "You know they can't hear you, right?" 
You are very aware of where we are at all times.  If you were with a patient driver who had no idea where to go, you could probaby tell them how to get to grandma's house and back from home.  You are starting to know how to get to Nani's house too.  You recognize people's houses you have only been to once.
You have an amazing memory.  From events that have happened, to something we talked about the night before, you remember a lot of details.  You also have a vivid imagination. 
You are VERY active.  You watch a lot of movies, but you are usually wiggling, dancing, jumping, doing whatever while you watch.  IF you actually sit/lay down to watch a movie, you usually fall asleep if you aren't bouncing off everything you touch.
You have fantastic analytical processing skills.  You aren't satisfied with the simple answers anymore.  You have a need to know more and more.  Sometimes the rounds of questions are annoying.  Sometimes they crack me up.  One time we were getting ready to go to grandma's on a Sunday evening. Dad was not going with us because he was leaving for work.  You told him "Dad.  You need to get dressed (he only had his undershirt on).  We are going to grandma's."  He said "No.  I am not going to grandma's.  I'm going to work."  She paused...then said "So, you don't have to wear a shirt to work?"  She took his answer literal and in her 3 year old brain (at the time) that was the logical answer based on the information she had been provided.  Some people try to give you childish answers.  Those don't satisfy.  You are starting to understand the REAL answers to some questions.  And you remember them.

We were driving to Nani's house (your new babysitter.)  You said, "Mom, can we fight Nani?" 
Me: You want to fight her?
Leila:  Yes.  I want to fight Nani and her mommy and daddy to my part. 
Interpretation:  She wanted to INVITE them to her upcoming birthday party.

You crack me up on a daily basis.  Even when I try my hardest to be mad, you break me.  Recently, you started crossing your eyes at me when I'm talking to you sternly.  Try as I may, I break every time. 

You give me hugs and say "You are the best mom ever." 
You are very sensitive about people you love and care about.  What I mean is, if we leave grandma/grandpa's house, you say "I really miss grandpa" before we even leave the drive way.  Or you randomly "miss Kiley" or "miss (insert any friend's name). 
You are not a very good eater.  Once you actually turned 4, you started being more open to tasting things and have expanded what you will eat. You still don't eat a lot of things, but WAY more than you were.  You still love to snack.  Some of your favorite things are:  Cheetos, capri suns, sprite, chicken nuggets, fruit roll ups, cereal.  Some of things you have recently added into your rotation are:  grilled cheese sandwiches (you call them butterfly sandwiches because grandma cut them in triangles then arranged them to look like a butterfly in an attempt for you to try them. It worked.)  "Cheese pizza" which you really do like, but you call quesadillas "cheese pizza" because we cut them into triangles.  "Chicken" which are really fish sticks, but if you knew that, you wouldn't eat it.  Still not the best eater, but you are at least willing to try some things now.
You love to sing.  Your dad is the music director in Primary.  You "teach" me and grandma songs the same way daddy teaches them in pointing to a poster with the words written on it.  You have been caught singing "I am a Child of God" several times, including during sacrament meeting which makes all the old grandma ladies just smile.  You sing a lot of primary songs, and recently started making up your own songs.  One of the best songs you made up was telling the story line of Wizard of Oz.
Sometimes you love to go shopping.  Other times, you tell me "Just go."  As if you are old enough to be left alone.  You also use the phrase "just go" when you are annoyed and don't want to be bothered.
You talk with your hands, a lot.  Sometimes you over annunciate your words when you try to emphasize something.  It is pretty funny and grandma cracks up every time.
You pick up phrases from movies VERY easily and incorporate them into your personal conversations.  Sometimes you say something, then realize it's something you should not have said to me, then say "never mind mom.  I'm just talking to myself."  Then proceed to have a made up conversation.
You are very manipulative that way.  But not in a way that would really get you in any trouble. Yet.  But trust me, I'm monitoring that and starting to correct the behavior before you get older.
Right now, if I want to get you into compliance, I use the phrase "Do you want me to get frustrated?"  For some reason, that gets you going.  You DO NOT like it when I get "frustrated."  "Mad" doesn't work.  "Frustrated" is the key word.
Your three favorite animals are Turtles, Kittens, and Otters.  You got a stuffed otter when we went to visit Kiley in North Carolina back in May.  That thing is by your side at all times.  You used to like dogs.  You always pretended to be a dog and would act like an excited puppy when I came home from work.  Now you "hate dogs" and when asked why your response is "they lick me in they eye and it hurts."  I think Nani's dog may have licked you and you didn't like it. But it might be okay that you don't like dogs.  You are allergic to them.  You do okay to just be around them, but if you play close with them or on the carpet where they are, you get really red eyes. 
Some mornings when I wake you up to go to Nani's, you say "But my eyes are buzzy."  I think that means they are tired, and maybe "fuzzy" is the word you are looking for.
Leila.  I know I say this all the time, but you are loved more than any person can explain.  You bring so much joy (and frustration) to our lives.  Your intelligence, love, and beauty are going to take you big places in your life.   

My "life plan" for you is to go on a mission right after high school.  Then you will attend BYU Hawaii on an Academic/Athletic (Volleyball) scholarship.  While there, you will dance at the Polynesian Cultural Center to help support you while in school and bury you deeper into your Samoan culture.  You will return to Utah, find an amazing man to marry and have beautiful children.  However, I may adjust that for you to play volleyball at the University of Utah, just to keep you close to home.

I'm going to try and be better about posting some of the funny things you say, because right now, you are hilarious!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sinave 6 Month Stats!

Sinave...I'm not sure words can describe how much we love you...but I'll give it a try to at least explain what you are up to these days...
Tuesday September 10, 2013 was your 6 month check-up. Your measurements are as follows:
-Head - 46.2 cm (96%)
-Height - 27 1/2 in (79%)
-Weight - 20 lbs 12 oz (90%)
(That's 2 full pounds more than your sister was at her 6 month check!)

You had more shots and screamed...until you saw the mirror.
Then you calmed right down and almost giggled.

I'm writing this post about three weeks past your actual 6 month mark. 
*You don't eat anything except formula.  And not due to lack of trying.  We have tried rice, oatmeal, vegetables, fruits, meats, runny, thick, mutliple combinations of foods, warm, room temp, cold...NOTHING.  You are not digging food.  However, you DO open your mouth when we've given you the saucy parts of adult soups. So maybe you just want REAL food.  I can't imagine how big you will grow when you start eating food and not just formula.
*You wear size 4 diapers.  3's still fit, but they are snug. I prefer 4's.
*You wear size 12 month clothes in most things.  Some 9 month stuff fits, but it is quite snug.  You mostly wear it because I haven't bought enough of the 12 month stuff.  BUT, the 12 month pants are quite long on your short legs.
*You are super smiley and very easy going.
--Except when you get left alone in a room.
*You still enjoy a good snuggle now and then. 
Sometimes you will just lay in mine or grandma's arms and just softly babble.
*Just this week you have said "mmmoma" about four times.  You usually say "mmmmmBa" 
*You still love bath time.  You have started playing with toys in the bath.
*In the last four weeks, you have gone from dead weight on the floor to rolling (all over), sitting, scooting, crawling, crawling outside of the living space (like all over the house), and now you are pulling yourself up to standing against the couch or in your crib.  BUD!  It usually takes most kids several months to go through those did it all in one month!  Dr. Brasher said that 1 in 4 kids walks by their 9 month mark.  If you keep this up, you could be one of them.
*You seem to be left handed, but your right hand is getting more use lately.
*You've had really bad exzema on your shoulders, chest, and arms.  We started using Melaleuca "Renew" lotion and it helps a TON.  You have some more serious spots on your right arm (right above your elbow where your shirts rub) and on your left nipple.  They get really crusty, and ooze.  BUT, we have also found a cream that helps if we can keep it on every day.
*You are in a "stay in the car" are too heavy to lug around in the infant seat.
*You squeal like a girl sometimes.
*You LOVE your sister. Every time she walks in your path, your eyes light up and you smile. 
You can't take your eyes off of her and will her to play with you. 
When she does play with you, you laugh so hard.
*You have a funny's almost a grunt sometimes.
*You have the brightest eyes (if dark brown can be bright) and just make people look at you.
*I always get comments about how handsome you are.  You don't get called "cute" you are called "handsome."  A lot of "older" (as in 50+) ladies tell me how handsome you are going to be when you are older.  And then they keep telling me that until we are out of their sight. 
You have a way with the ladies already.  HA!
*Nani Aiono (dad's cousin Wally's daughter) is your babysitter.  She LOVES you and tells people you Leila are her kids.  Wally loves you too. 
He always has to get extra holding time before you leave the house. 
*You don't look like you weigh as much as you do.  Several people have asked to hold you, then are VERY surprised when you lug down in their arms.  Every single person says that "he is a tank." 
*I call you "son" and so does your sister.  Sometimes I call you "lover boy" but usually when no one else is around.  You are so sweet that you just look at me and I can feel the love.
*You are hard to take to church, just because you are so wiggly. 
*You don't sleep well.  You wake up most nights, at least once if not two or three times.  If you eat, it's usually not very much.  Some days you don't even take good naps.  BUT, you go to bed much earlier than your sister ever did.  When you do wake up, it's usually like clockwork.  And when you do wake up, you usually go back to bed within 20 minutes.
*Your favorite toys right now are Leila's baton that has streamers on the ends and rattles when you shake it (that grandpa got at the dollar store) and any ball or ball shaped item.  Right now, most of the balls you play with, you can "palm" them. 
*You do have a touch of a temper when you don't get fed promptly (which could be part of your not eating food problem.  You want to eat NOW and get instant satisfaction, not take the time to eat food.  But in my defense, I have tried feeding you before you were hungry and you still had no interest.)
*One day Leila and Dad were play fighting and when you heard Leila sreaming (with a giggle) you scooted your way over there and tried to get involved.  Whether you were defending her, or wanting to play, I'm not sure.  But the skwaks you were making sounded like you were concerned about what was going on.  As a mother, that made me smile.

*Last, but not least, you are STRONG.  VERY STRONG. 
Son, I love you.  Your dad loves you.  Your sister loves you.  You extended family loves you. 
Thank You for joining our family and bringing so much love.
I'm excited to see you grow and see what you will become in the future.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sinave 4 Month Stats

Sinave turned 4 months on July 1, 2013.  He had his check up on July 9, 2013.  I'll put Leila's measurements next to his to compare...
-Head - 43.6 cm 79%  (-Head - 41.1 cm - 56%)
-Height - 25 3/4 in - 74% (- Height - 25 1/4 in - 86%)
-Weight - 17 lb 11 oz - 90% (- Weight - 14 lb 14.5 oz - 79%)
Yes, he is a big kid.  When I was getting him dressed after the appointment, I said "come here fatty boy."  Dr. Brasher turned around and said, "He isn't fat....he's 'pleasantly polynesian.'"  SO funny.

More about my sweet boy:
-Still super mellow, laid back, easy going - unless you don't feed him when he wants it.
-Gives smiles freely and easily  all. day. long.
-Sleeps 8+ hours most nights.  In a given week, he might wake up once or twice in the night.  Otherwise he goes to bed around 9:30 (ish) and typically wakes up between 5:30 and 7:30. If he's up before 7, he usually eats and goes back to sleep for an hour or more. 
-I put 6-9 month pajamas on him this week.  They are not very big...everything fits quite well except the legs are a bit long.  He'll be wearing that size of clothes this weekend.  The 3-6 month stuff is quite snug and has been for a few weeks.
-Wear size 3 diapers
-Drinks a LOT of formula.  3-5 oz every 2-2.5 hours usually.
-Has become fascinated with watching everything Leila does.  If she walks into the room, his attention goes to her with a look of "awe" as he watches her.
-Very strong kid.
-Just this week started squealing/shreeking - not in a mad way, just in a loud way.
-His skin is still pretty light, but is getting a touch darker.  His hair is starting to grow in thicker (and it's dark!!!)
-His eyes are a dark, dark brown.  Leila's look almost golden next to his. I think his are darker than Kuso's.  Kuso says they are the same.
-SUPER ticklish, but won't really laugh.  Just tenses up and wiggles away, BUT when he does let out a laugh, it sounds like a grunt.  It makes me laugh.
-We haven't started rice cereal yet, mostly due to a busy week.  But it's on the agend this weekend.  Watching how he drinks his bottles and uses his tongue, I THINK he'll receive it well.
-Mommy went back to work right before he turned 3 months.  He goes to Nani Aiono's house (Kuso's cousins daughter.)  She is in love with him.  Always tells me what a good baby he is.
-His cousins almost fight over who gets to hold him when we are around the extended family.
-He LOVES bath time.  I recently started bathing him in the big bath tub.  I just let him lay and wiggle in the water for almost 20 minutes.  He loves it.  He splashes and gets water in his face, shows his huge grin, then does it some more.

I can't really put into words what an amazing child he is.  I always get compliments on how HAPPY he is.  He truly is.  He only cries when he doesn't eat right on demand.  He is happy in his car seat.  Happy on the floor (as long as he is getting attention.)  Happy playing and being held.  Sometimes all he wants is to be outside, laying on a blanket. 
I ALWAYS get compliments about how handsome he is (and how handsome he is going to be when he gets older.)  I get mixed reviews on who he looks like more, mom or dad.  He has shown signs of looking like my younger brother Shawn, sometimes when he sleeps he looks a touch like my niece Kiley.  Some people say he looks like me (I think it's the cheeks.)  Some say he is daddy's twin.  He kind of looks like Kuso's nephew Nicholas, or Dallin.  But when you compare baby pictures, his and Leila's are kind of hard to tell the difference.  Well, whoever he looks like, I agree, he is handsome.

Our Heavenly Father sure knew what he was doing when this blessed child was sent to our family. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Before I forget - Sinave's 2+ month stats

I've been off work since the little guy was born.  I returned to work on Tuesday May 28th.  Rough day.  Anyway, Sinave had his two month check up on May 8th.  At that time he was 13.9 lbs and 24 1/2 inches.  Since I'm writing this about 3 weeks later, I'm pretty sure he is easily 15+ pounds now.  The kid does not stop eating.

To date these are a few things about our baby boy:  (he is ALMOST 3 months)
*Wears 3-6 months clothes and has since his 2 month date - many fit perfectly - many are looking tightish - many are excessively long (he has a long torso and short legs - just like his daddy and my dad!)
*Doesn't cry much - "coughs" to get attention - even when he wakes up in the night.
*BUT - if you don't respond to his coughs quickly he gets mad.  Quick.
*Eats non stop (or so it feels that way.)  Right now we fix a 4 oz bottle.  Drinks most of it, then finishes the rest 30-60 minutes later.  An hour or two after that, he wants more again. And he only likes one style of bottle.  If you give him a different style, he gives you an "are you crazy?" look and more or less refuses to eat.  He also does NOT like a binki - but on occasion he'll take one....hence, the excessive eating!
*Has an internal timer.  Seriously.  When he wakes up in the night, he is up, fed, and back asleep in 30 minutes or less.  He will be wide awake and wiggly, making you think you are going to be up for a while, but when the time is almost up he settles in and zonks out.  He lets you know when it's around 8pm because that is bath time.
*LOVES bathtime.
*Smiles a lot.  Not big wide-open mouth baby smiles, but stinkin' adorable little grins.  He is so dang handsome the girls are gonna melt!
*Enjoys the bouncy seat - on his terms. He can reach the dangling toys on the one at grandma's house.  Not the one at our house yet. When he is digging the chair, he'll sit in for up to 2 hours - usually 30-45 minutes is typical.
*Loves to be sitting up.  Will lay down and play if someone is sitting near him.  He just likes to be involved in life.
*SO mellow.  (except for when you ignore his coughs.)  I get lots of compliments about how mellow he is. 
*Goes to bed between 8:30 and 10:00 and usually wakes up once or twice before he is up for the day.  Usually around 2:30 to 4:00 or so.
*LOVES to snuggle.
*Wears size 2 diapers. 
*Has the most adorable wide open eyes.  I get lots of compliments on his eyes.  Also lots of comments about how aware he is.
*Has a funny white birthmark on his left thigh.  My cousin's wife commented that he can tell his friends that's what his mom gave him.  :)
*The kid is strong.  He has tremendous head/neck control and has since day 1.  He can hold most of his weight on his legs and has the most proud look on his face when he does that, then collapses and lets me hold him again. 

Sinave is so ridiculously super sweet that none of us can get enough of him. I'm TRYING to figure out how to get some pictures from my phone to this post.  IF you see pictures, I figured it out. IF you don't, I'll have to download them some how and post pics later.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Oops, I did it again....

I made another Mary Poppins baby...meaning he is "practically perfect in every way."  For some ridiculous reason, I cannot get pictures to upload, so you will need to refer back to facebook to see the amazingly awesomely adorable pictures of my son.

I took him in for his 2 week check up on Thursday March 14.  At that time he weighed 8 lb 4.5 oz and was 20.5 inches long.  Dr. Brasher was a little concerned that he had not gained more weight than that since his birth weight was 8 lb 8 oz.  He wanted me to bring him in a week later to check his weight.  Everything else looked fine.

Today, March 21st was the weigh in.  He weighed in at a hefty 9 lb 3.5 oz...almost an entire pound gained in a week!  I knew his chubby cheeks were not hiding secrets!  He is totally and completely fine.

At this early on in his life, he has got himself on a pretty good schedule...way more than Leila ever did!  He takes a bath around 8 to 8:30 pm...eats, then just plays until he is tired...anywhere from 9 to 10:30.  He wakes up around 1 to 1:30, 4:30 to 5, then 9-10:30 ish....those times vary of course, but for the most part he is waking up every 4 ish hours, is only awake for about 35 minutes, then goes back to sleep.  I have also been laying him in bed while he is still slightly awake.  This has been good for him to learn to sooth himself to sleep rather than relying on being held or eating to go to sleep.  He truly is practically perfect.

During his waking hours, he is still mostly calm and patient.  He lets Leila love on him and hold him all she wants.  He just chills and waits until it's time to eat.  He loves his bouncy seat.  He loves to be held and talked to.  He has the sweetest Spirit.  I swear he can sense when I'm about to lose my cool taking care of both children while Kuso is out of town at work.  During those moments, he smiles (yes, he smiles and flirts at this young age) and just sends love straight out of his eyeballs.  Or he'll just smile, then go to sleep knowing that I'm needing to rest.  He does have a bit of a temper when it's time to eat and he doesn't have a bottle in his mouth after the first squak or two...otherwise, he seriously is so complacent to just exist.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Sinave Aukuso Aiono - March 1, 2013


 First Family Photo! (above)
Leila's first look at Baby Brother (below)

 Leila's first time holding Sinave
Daddy's first nap time with Sinave

 Leila is a GREAT helper!

 Leila giving mommy a "check up" (above)
Sinave ready to go home! (below)

 Daddy and his kids (above)

 Kuso told me to look at some pictures he took.  When I did, I found a whole string of these smile pictures.  I'm not sure this kid can be more adorable!  He was 5 days old when these were taken.
Now you have seen the pictures.  If you want, you can continue reading for the story.
I was set to be induced on March 1, 2013.  I was first on the list and the hospital said the nurse would call me sometime between 5 am and 10 am.  When they called, I had an hour to get to the hospital.  This meant that I had to shower and get ready the night before.  The call came in around 6:20 am.  We checked in at 7:15 am.
The Pitocin was started at 8:00 am.  (the cute nurse was named Stacie and was the sister in law to my cute friend Marla at work.  It was kind of fun to have a "connection" with the nurse.)  In talking with her about my past history of surgeries and last birthing experience, we made the connection that having had a previous surgery on my cervix could explain why I start to dilate, stay there for a long time, then go REALLY fast through the higher numbers.  And that's what happened.  I was dilated to a 3 for a long time (well, as long as a 4 1/2 hour delivery can be).  I finally decided to get the epideral when the contractions were coming more intense and much more frequently. 
The nurse checked me again and I was dilated to about a  7.  I told her my family was about 20 minutes away and to let me know a good time to let them know to head to the hospital.  They weren't coming in the room, but wanted to be outside to hear his first cries.  She said they probably better head over.  This was around 11:30 if I remember.  I dilated quickly through the rest of the numbers and soon enough, I was "ready."
The nurse said she was going to have me do some practice pushes while we waited for the doctor, but then when I progressed so quickly, she told me to hold on.  The doctor came in right then and we were ready to go.  I pushed for 8 minutes and the little guy was here!  (What an improvement to the 2 hours I had to push to get his sister here!)
If you read my last post, I had some predictions about how he would be.  So far, I'm accurate.  He looks like his sister, has hair, but not as much.  He is super mellow.  He has huge hands and long toes.  He is such a good baby! 
As of writing this, he is 10 days old.  For the past four or five nights, he has had a "routine" that seems to be working AMAZINGLY!  Around 8 pm, we give him a bath.  That kind of wakes him up and gets him to play.  He eats during that time, then around 9:30 to 10:00 he goes to bed.  He sleeps until 1:00 to 1:30, then gets back to bed in about 30-45 minutes.  Then wakes up again between 4:30 and 6:00 and is up for 30-45 minutes.  Then sleeps until anywhere between 9:30 and almost noon!  If he keeps this up, he will get the BEST BABY award for sure!  When he is awake, he is pretty mellow.  He enjoys laying on the floor for periods of time.  He likes his bouncy seat.  He likes to be held and talked to.  He likes to cuddle. 
Leila is an amazing big sister.  She is usually helpful.  She has tested the patience of her parents on a few occasions by suggesting that we can do it instead of her, but since daddy went back to work, she has been very helpful.  Exactly what a mom needs.  She is very aware of where he is at all times.  She is soft with him, wants to hold him, and tries her hardest to make him happy all the time.
NOW...A couple of cute "stories."
At the hospital, Sinave was getting his diaper changed or vitals taken or something.  Anyway, he was crying. Leila was standing on the bed to watch and she started singing ever so softly to him.  As if it were just she and him there alone.  She sang her own song of "Quiet...Slowly....Quiet....Slowly...." (She uses the word slowly instead of softly.)  She tried so hard to make him happy.
Leila has turned into a huge mamma's girl, but she also knows she has to share with Baby Brother.  The first night, she was a little hesitant to leave the hospital because mom and baby were staying there.  I explained that we had to sleep there so the doctors could help us feel better.  She understood that and went home with daddy.  The next day they came back to the hospital and that night she fully understood what was going to happen and was so good to go home with daddy.  The day it was time to go home, she called me from daddy's phone on the way to the hospital.  "Hi mom!  You feeling better?  You ready to come home?"  She was very excited to show brother where his room was going to be at our house. 
Leila talks to him in the car and does her best to have him "cheer up." 
Leila always has to know where is baby brother?  When she wakes up, that's the first thing she asks.  When she leaves the room and comes back, that's the first thing she asks.  At the hospital when they took Sinave to the nursery to do his assessment, daddy went with Sinave and I stayed in the room.  Leila wanted to go see Sinave, so grandma took her to watch through the windows.  After just a very short while, she wanted to go check on mommy so grandma brought her back to the room.  After seeing that I was fine, she wanted to go back and find brother.  We convinced her to wait at the room and he would be back soon.  She agreed and soon enough we were all back in the room.  She was satisfied.
At the hospital we only had a couple of visitors. 
Grandma Neener and Papa Vic
Kim and Danny Boyer, and Maile Hoopes.
Auntie Alofa and cousin Leone.
The first week home we had more visitors.
Uncle Troy and Aunt Casey
Alysha Miller (and Brooklyn and Logan)
Heidi Morrison (and Hadlee and Makay)
The Blake's (Home Teachers)
Carol Koller and Karlene Jensen - I visit teach them and they brought dinner.
Leslie (Uta'i) (and Matai and Kingston)
Almost all of these visitors brought gifts for both of my kids.  It was nice for Leila to continue to receive love and attention while Sinave got his. 
Kuso went back to work on Sunday March 10th.  The first night home without him was simple as it could have been.  Here is to hoping life with two kids and an out of town hubby stays as simple as it can be! 

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Final Thoughts...

Sorry for not posting more pictures.  Good intentions count for something, right?  I'll do my best to get a post of the birth and pictures of his first few days in the near-ish future.

In the next few hours, I should be receiving a phone call from the hospital letting me know what time to check in tomorrow to be induced to start labor.  How do I feel?  Tired.  Anxious.  Excited.  Nervous.  Exhausted.  Motivated.  Emotional.  Etc. etc. etc...

This pregnancy has been more emotional for me.  I've been more sore and achy.  I've been HOT.  Having a 3 year old makes it more difficult to rest when needed.  I'm an independent woman who likes to take care of things on her own...and when my body was pushed to the limit and I felt like I couldn't do it anymore, I would break down and get emotional.  I HATE feeling that way.  Thankfully, hubby was understanding.  In the past, hormonal emotions confused and frustrated him.  Now, I think he gets it.  He lets me be emotional and loves me anyway.

When the doctor said that we would look at an induction date, I was super stoked.  Then when the nurse confirmed it would be March 1, 2013, I got a bit choked up.  No, I didn't cry.  If I would have had to talk, I probably would have.  I had a flood of emotions, most of which were laid out above.  In addition, I am SO excited to see my little man, to hold him, to kiss him, to love him.  I'm SO excited to see Kuso with his little man.  I'm SO excited for Leila to have a brother to love, to teach, to play with, to take care of, to share life with.  I'm also a bit sad for her that she won't be an only child anymore.  She will have to share the un-devoted attention she gets now (not that there isn't still plenty to go around.)  She will have to adjust to a new way of life.  All of those are good things and I anticipate she will handle it well (for the most part.)

Every day we talk about when baby brother comes.  A couple nights ago she showed her first sign of jealousy.  A few months back we moved her room to the next room over because the baby's room has a light in the closet that just makes it way to convenient to not use...and the color on the walls is perfect for the baby bedding.  She has LOVED her new room, until a few days ago.  I explained I only had a couple of days of work left, then the next day we were going to go to the hospital and get baby brother, and bring him home.
Leila:  But where's his home?
Me:  He shares our house.
Leila:  But where's he gonna sleep?
Me:  In that room (pointing.)
Leila:  But that's my room.
Me:  No, you have the purple room now.
Leila:  But I need to put my bed in that room.
Me:  But your room has a TV.  The other room doesn't.
Leila:  But I need both rooms.
Me:  Can't you share with brother?
5 seconds passes....
Leila:  OH!  THIS is your room, THAT's brother's room, and THAT's my room (pointing appropriately.) 
She just had a laps in thought and quickly got back to her loving big sister roll she plays so well right now.

She gives brother kisses and puts blankets on him (my stomach).  She gets excited to buy him things at the store.  She gets excited to see the blankets that are his.  She is REALLY excited that he has a "blue one" blanket too.  My mom made her a light blue blanket that has a light green backing.  The pattern is monkeys and palm trees.  Leila LOVES that blanket and sometimes refuses to use anything BUT that blanket.  My mom had extra fabric and made brother a blanket with the same material.  Different style though.  Leila LOVES that they both have "blue ones."  Leila loves to call him a baby and clarify that she is not a baby.  BUT, she is NOT a big girl.  She is just "Leila girl."  I put the car seat in the car and this morning was the first time she saw it.  It's RIGHT NEXT to hers (in an attempt to make it easier to carry an extra passenger - we'll see if it stays that way.)  I asked her if she liked it there and she said YES!  Then added "He's gonna love it."  I'm SO EXCITED to watch her interact with her brother.  There is already a notable bond between them and to watch it grow will be amazing.

We get asked often if there will be a third child.  The answer is, I don't know.  Life wasn't bad with one.  We'll see how two goes.  Since hubby works out of town most of the time, I'm basically a single parent with amazing parents who step in and fill the roll as needed.  There are too many unanswered questions right now to answer the question about more children.

My predictions about baby brother....he will look quite a bit like Leila.  Maybe not as much hair.  He might be slightly bigger than her at birth.  I think he might be a good sleeper.  I think he will be very chill (as much as a baby can be.)  Leila was very aware and active.  I think he will sit back and wait for life to happen.  I think he will have a temper that shows when he gets annoyed. 

As an older child and into adulthood, I think he will "follow the leader" with Leila.  I think he will be more accident prone than Leila.  I think he will be stronger than Leila (which is a pretty big accomplishment.)  I think he might be a little sentimental.  I think he will have a strong Spirit that will show throughout his life.  I think he will know what he wants and work toward it.  I think he will have a good work ethic.  I think he will have a great sense of humor.  I think he will idolize his dad and do all things possible to be like him. 

Although I can't pinpoint one strong feeling, I guess the word BLESSED can cover most of them.  Baby Boy, I can't wait to meet you soon!  I can't wait to hold you and feel of the love that comes from our Heavenly Father by blessing us to be your parents.  I can't wait to see how your love and Spirit bless the relationship between you and your sister.  You are truly sent from above and are meant to be in our family.  We love you.