Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Welcome to the Family

This post probably belongs before my last one, but deal with it.

October 5, 2012, Troy made Casey his Eternal companion in the St. George, Utah temple.  The Sealer spent a few minutes reminding the rest of us about the Covenants we had made when we entered the temple and how important those Covenants are for our earthly life as well as our eternal life. 

Casey brings out the best in my brother.  She is everything he is and everything he is not all in one person.  It kind of amazes me at how much has has changed (for the better) since Casey became a significant part of his life.  His story just adds to the list of "when it's right, you just know it" stories.

October 13, 2012 they had a reception at the "South Chapel" that we grew up attending.  The decorations were awesome and we had a LOT of compliments about how nice it looked and how "relaxing" it was.  Funny word for a wedding reception, but with the cabin/woodsy type decor, "relaxing" may have been an appropriate word.....and the "open bar" (Coke machine) definitely helped in making people feel comfortable.

No, I didn't take pictures...but I got a few tagged on my facebook, so I put them here.

Yes, that would be my brother Shawn and my husband Kuso "sharing" a cinnamon roll at the reception in Paragona, Utah.  Shawn suggested it in a mocking manner to Kuso of course went along and there ya go, the awkwardly funny picture. 

Baby #2

We are SUPER excited that we will be having a second child join us!  AND we are SUPER excited that it is going to be a boy! 
The technical due date is February 22, 2013.  When we had the ultrasound, I was exactly 19 weeks.  But all measurements during the ultrasound indicate that the baby was measuring 17 1/2 weeks.  THAT is probably a little more accurate based on my wacked out body functions anyway.  So in MY mind, the due date is February 26 or March 1.  I guess we'll find out in a few short months!
Ever since we have been telling Leila that mommy was having a baby, she always (aside from probably 4 incidents) told us it was a "baby brudder." 
We told my parents as part of my mom's birthday gift.  In her card from Leila I wrote "Dear Grandma, remember when you babysat me last February while mommy and daddy went to rugby?  Can we do that again next year, but not because of rugby, but because mommy is having a baby."
My mom had been reading it silently and looked up with VERY surprised look on her face and said "You are?!?!"  Then got to tell my dad and brother who were there.  That was fun.
I think in a post a long time ago, I may have mentioned that I have a hard time getting pregnant.  It's not to the level that some of my friends have had to reach to be able to get pregnant, or decide if adoption is the right choice, but because it is so difficult for me to conceive, once it finally happens, the gift of being a mother and able to bear children seems that much more of a miracle.  We are truly blessed to be able to become biological parents, and that once I finally do get pregnant, for the most part, the pregnancy is easy sailing. 
We can't wait to meet this little guy!
So as of this post, October 16th, I am technically 21 weeks and 3 days along!  Downward slope baby. 
...now that my blog is mostly up to date, I'll post pics of my growing belly soon...

Taylorsville Dayz

 I promise Leila wears more than this outfit.  Interestingly enough, I think this is the last time she WORE this outfit.  Can't find it. Forgot she had it until I looked through the camera one day.  It's not anywhere in our house, our cars, our bags, or my mom's.  But she clearly owned and wore them at some point.  Weird.  (this might have been the same day as the fairy party...I'm thinking it was.)
Anyway, this year Leila was big enough to ride the rides by herself.  She would hand in the tickets at each ride, pick which part of the ride she wanted to sit on, then ride without showing any enthusiasm in her face.  It was hysterical. 

 Drives like her daddy...the face says it all.
For entertainment this night, they had a Beach Boys coverband.  It was SO fun.  The next night was a Neil Diamond impersonator.  He was good, but the Beach Boys were WAY more entertaining and fun.  Taylorsville Dayz always puts on a GREAT fireworks show to music.  We may not live there, but we sure enjoy their festivities.

Fairy Tea Party

 Don't kill me, but I THINK this was on June 28, 2012.  My friend Alysha Miller asked if we wanted to take the girls to a Fairy Tea Party at Gardner Villlage.  I wasn't quite sure what that meant, but it sounded fun to get these three silly girls together.

It is exactly what it sounds like...a tea party with a fairy theme.  They got to put on hats and aprons and if they brought a doll, the doll got to dress up too.  Then they had juice and snacks.  I think Leila may have been a bit too young to appreciate how cute and fun everything really was.

 CHEERS!  So classy Leila.
 Leila is beautiful.  Heidi Morrison, the other mother who went with us, said this picture looks like it came out of a magazine.
 Above:  Leila, Brooklyn, Hadlee (as you can see, Leila didn't think it was fun to dress up.  She took it off not long after putting it on.)
Below:  Leila "ringing the bell" after they finished their fairy hunt

 Brookly, Hadlee, Leila - these three girls are so cute together.  Sometimes when it's time to walk to nursury at church, they find each other in the hall and hold hands while they walk there.  OR when we pick them up after nursury, the leaders tell us that they ran in a circle the ENTIRE time.  I believe them!
LOVE this face.  Glad I caught it as she came around the back of the poll.

Flag Burning Ceremony

 In June my parents ward Scout troop conducted a flag retirement ceremony.  They let members of the ward know in advance so they could collect all of the flags that had been worn out to retire them all at the same time. 

A couple of the leaders said a few words and all of the scouts participated by dropping one flag at a time on to the burning fire until all the flags were burned into ashes.  It was a pretty cool experience.