Thursday, November 7, 2013

Funny Girl

Oh Leila.  You crack me up.   Here are a few of the funny things you have said and done lately.

You told me you were a butterfly,  and that you had to hold on to things to keep from flying off ( as you proceeded through the room holding on to grounded objects.)

After you finished going potty you asked me to wipe you.
Mom: You can do it yourself.
Leila: No.  I'm a super hero.
Mom: Super hero's can't wipe themselves?
Leila: ( matter of factly)  No. You are a super hero too, so you can't wipe me either.
In the end, grandma did it.

In the primary program,  you were asked "What are some things Heavenly Father has given us to show us he loves us?"  Your answer was " Toys, food, and grandma's."

You started into a hand stand, so your hands were on the ground, one foot on the ground, and one foot in the air.  You told us that you "looked like a temple" because your leg was tall like a steeple. 

While driving to the babysitter in the morning, there was a lot of traffic so things were moving kind of slow.  You said, "Mom, does that dude make you mad?"  (I guess I need to calm my temper when I drive so she doesn't think I'm always mad at slow people.  But her use of "dude" was pretty funny.

At your last tumbling class, the teacher asked you to show her your favorite trick.  By "trick" she meant a handstand, or a summersault, or something to that effect.  You ran over and told me you want to do your "twister."  That day in class, she had taught you to jump up and spin in a circle and land again.  I thought that's what you were planning.  Nope.  You ran out to the mat, laid on your back, put your hands and feet up in the air and twisted your arms with each other and your legs with each other....think "dead dog" with twisted limbs.  It caught me so off guard that I laughed out loud, hard.  It embarrassed you and you cried.  Through the night I was able to reaffirm that you had done a good job and you started to show other people your "trick."  Soon enough, some of your friends started thinking it was cool because they could do it too. 

AND one final thought on how SWEET you can be....last night (11/06/13) you actually played with Sinave, in your room, for 45+ minutes.  The both of you were so happy and quiet and it was SO nice to sit on the couch, watch TV (a show of my choosing) and just relax for a few minutes while the two of you had fun together.  You are hyper sensitive about being responsible for your brother.  I told you as soon as he started crawling that you had to keep all small things off the floor, and if you didn't want me to throw them away, you needed to keep them in your room.  You have done well for the most part, BUT, that has also put you hyper sensitive about allowing him to be in your room.  Well, last night, you finally let your guard down and just had fun with him.  I honestly sat on the couch, wiht a big smile on my face, knowing the bond that was growing between the two of you.  I know there will be bad times, but those good times will outweigh the bad down the road.  So, thank you for letting yourself love your brother.