Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Samoan Tsunami

Yesterday, there was a massive earthquake in the ocean between American and Western Samoa. Reports vary between 7.9 and 8.3 magnitude. Nonetheless, massive damage has been done to both countries, along with other nations in the South Pacific. Kuso was able to get in contact with his mother who reported the damage has been done on the other side of the island, so his family is safe and away from the danger.

Thanks to everyone who was concerned about Kuso's family. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Our family is safe. Unfortunately, there are thousands of others who are not so fortunate. Please keep all of the nations and people of the South Pacific islands in your prayers.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Mary Poppins

Our daughter is officially Mary Poppins..."practically perfect in every way." At least in our world. Leila had her 2 week check up today. She is now 8 lb 5 oz and 21 inches. They did her blood test that they prick their heal. She cried for MAYBE 15 seconds and then just chilled in my arms while the nurse finished the test. Her doctor is quite goofy, but in a good way. Very chatty and very in tune with children. I think Leila will enjoy going to see Dr. Brasher (except when she is sick of course.)
There is debate about who she looks like (not much of one) since she mostly looks like her dad. But this is MY determination.
Eyes - Dad (I'm still crossing my fingers she will get my eye color, but not likely.)
Nose - Dad's shape, my size
Lips - undetermined. I'm thinking more mine, but I can't tell.
Cheeks - Mom
Double Chin - Mom
Ears - Mom (although Dad thinks they are like his.)
Hands - Dad
Feet - Definitely Dad - makes me laugh every time I see them because they are SO MUCH like Kuso's.
Chubby Thighs - Mom
Hair - Dad's
Initial appearance definitely looks more like her dad, but after closer examination, there is some mom in her.
She sleeps pretty good at night (most of the time). An average night puts her to bed around 9:30. She gets up around 1 or 1:30. Back in bed in an hour of less. Back up around 5 ish. Again, back in bed within an hour. Then up again around 9. That is an AVERAGE night...there are nights that vary for sure.
Last night I found out that she likes music. She was EXTREMELY upset for about an hour. I had used a different formula in between feedings. I think it made her stomach hurt. Anyway, she finally calmed down enough to be put to bed. A while later, she was fussy again. I got her glow seahorse out (similar to the glow worm we all know and love) and let her listen to the music. It totally soothed her and put her to sleep for the night. AWESOME!
She loves to take baths. This morning she even smiled and cooed while I was washing her hair! Unfortunately, I don't get pics of her in the bath because I only have two hands...but she is adorable in case you had any question...
We ordered her birth certificate today.
She loves her daddy. She loves to suck his nose. (He loves it too.) There is nothing like the bond between a daughter and her daddy. Precious. Kuso had to work out of town last week and again this week. He left Sunday night, came home Friday night, and left again Sunday night. It is so hard to let him go, and hard for him to leave, but his love and support for his family is felt even though he is out of state.
Grandpa Great (My Grandpa Taylor - my mom's dad) came to visit. Leila is his 5th great grand-daughter. He has 4 girls of his own. He only has 5 grand sons. When he found out she was going to be a girl, he said "my hell...doesn't this family know how to make boys?" I reminded him he started it. He smiled and said he wouldn't have it any other way. He told my mom when I was born that "every mother needs a daughter" I've only been a mom for 2 weeks and I can already see why.Here are pics from the past week.

Grandma Neener rocking her...both were in heaven.

She likes to be held like this. It soothes her. It's quite funny, but she enjoys it.

Cute little girl. She likes to sleep on her side. She rolls herself over and sleeps. So cute.

Chillin in her bouncy seat. Wasn't a fan the first time, but she's used it a few times since and seems to enjoy it. We try not to use the Binky too often. Mostly when we are trying to hold her off to eat for a while longer, or at night if she is a little fussy. Sometimes in the car. But usually, she is quite calm without it. Thank Goodness! So far she is not a thumb/finger sucker. I hope she stays that way!

Fairly often she can be seen making the silly cross-eyed face. SO FUNNY. And it is usually accompanied by a funny mouth shape. Cracks us up every time.

When she is a happy baby, she LOVES to lay out on the floor. She will lay here for up to an hour at times just relaxing. And she LOVES to stretch out. She rarely lays curled up like most newborns. She keeps her arms and legs stretched out a majority of the time.

Leila is such a sweet baby and so much fun to have in our family She brings constant joy, even with the 2 am feedings and occasional crying session. What would we do without her?

Monday, September 21, 2009

First Week in the Real World

Leila is one week old today. She has been such an amazing blessing to our lives. There are a few things I've noticed that I never would have learned without having the opportunity to be a mom.
-Now I understand why moms cry just by talking about their children.
-The love a parent has for their child truly is indescribable. You THINK you love this thing growing in mom's stomach, but when she actually arrives, that love is unbelievable and somewhat overwhelming.
-The look that a child gives to her parents is truly priceless. Even the scowls and "give me some food now" looks...they all make a parent turn to mush.
-Having Leila in our home has made the bond between my husband and I that much stronger.
-I understand what people mean when they say "babies looks change so much when they are little."
-I have gone to bed BEFORE 10:30 twice in a week so far. A couple times at 10:30. That is something that literally has not happened since elementary school probably.
-Being a parent makes me love, appreciate, and need my parents more than ever.

Anyway...this week has been an amazing experience. Emotions and thoughts that come and go are indescribable, frustrating (the uncontrollable part) but amazing. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to be a parent to such a precious little girl.

We love you Leila.
Monday 09/14/09 - Day 1 - aka Birthday!
Tuesday 09/15/09 - Day 2
Wednesday 09/16/09 - Day 3 - First Day Home from the HospitalThursday 09/17/09 - Day 4 - First Bath at Home (loved it!)Friday 09/18/09 - Day 5Saturday 09/19/09 - Day 6Sunday 09/20/09 - Day 7
Monday 09/21/09 - Day 8 - check out those smiles!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Leila Marie Onolei Aiono
September 14, 2009
7 pounds 14 ounces
1:43 pm
Just minutes after birth.
Look how happy she is to finally be here!

Just a few more minutes after birth.
We can all tell that she looks just like her daddy.
Day 2
Can she be any more adorable?
and check out that hair!
I'll update with more details about the delivery and hospital stay
when I feel like sitting on the computer chair longer.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

39+ Weeks

Has anyone else's time stopped moving? I feel like mine has.

Actually, I still feel pretty good most of the time, but other times, I'm SO READY to be done with this. My cousin Ashley had her baby on Friday August 4th. I was slightly jealous, but it also served as a reality check that this really will come to an end soon and we'll move on with a new "active" character in our book of life.

Fa'afo'i's Wedding

Angie and Foi

Last Saturday, August 29th, Kuso's older brother Fa'afo'i got remarried. He married Angie in the Jordan River Temple. Their reception was held in Centerville.
I don't know a whole lot about their story. I think she went to the same ward as him...
that's where it started and continues I think.

Anyway, when I got to the chapel, Ian (Foi's oldest son) was standing outside in his tuxedo. He said "Hi Auntie Lisa" with a HUGE grin on his face. I told him how handsome he looked and gave him a big kiss.

He said "My dad married Angie today."
Me: Are you happy?
Ian: Yes. Now she's my mom.
Me: I know! Now you have tow moms!
Ian: I know. Smiled and ran off...
Too cute.
I'm so glad to see Foi found someone to spend his life with. We don't know her well, but what I do know of her, she is GREAT and I can't wait to get to know her better.

Ian and Avian. This is the best smile Avian would give out. He's such a charachter.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm Waiting...

Truth be told, I've enjoyed being pregnant. I never got morning sickness. Really never had any problems to speak of. Even the silly swollen feet and comments about how I walk don't bother me too much. The past month or so, everyone is asking "Are you ready to be done?" I was thinking 'no...I've still got stuff that needs to be done at home and at work...right now she is easy to take care of...'.

Well, I'm ready. I'm done. I'm tired. I'm achy and uncomfortable. And apparently I'm getting big. My 15 year old neighbor boy saw me walk out of my apartment yesterday. He is a very polite kid, but his first statement was "Whoa! You are getting big!" And I ran into a lady I used to work with about5 years ago. She told me that I "look HUGE. You are going to have a big baby...." I told her that was a funny comment because everyone else has told me how good I look and that I don't look very big for having a baby in (fill in the blank) weeks. Her response was "yeah, but I know what you used to look like. You are huge."

Not quite sure how to take that, but she meant it in a good way. She knew me when I was much skinnier. She knew me when I was about 30+ pounds skinnier than pre-pregnancy weight. Then add on the prego weight, I'm sure I do look HUGE to her! I'm not too worried about it though. I think I do look pretty good for being 10 months prego. And to date, I've gained about 32 pounds throughout the pregnancy.

On the positive side, one of my co-workers had the same silly swollen feet/ankles. She said hers went away about 3-4 days after delivery. I can't wait!!!

My co-workers have started a pool. They are guessing the due date, time, weight, and length. It's kind of funny when each day I walk into work, they look at their watches and say "hold on about 6 more days..."

I went to the doctor again a couple days ago. I'm STILL about 75% effaced and MAYBE dilated to a 2. However, we were able to finagle the hospital into moving up the induction date to the 14th. Kuso's mom is going back to Samoa on the 15th and it would be SO SAD if she has been here for 3 months and misses out on seeing Leila by only a couple days. So although I'm uncomfortable and done, I can keep waiting, but this little daughter of ours needs to hurry up and get here (I'm hoping late next week) so that her "brown grandma" (that's what some of Kuso's nephews call their Samoan grandparents) can see her before she has to go back to the island.