Thursday, August 27, 2009

Funny Comments

I'm OBVIOUSLY pregnant now. Enough so that people (including strangers) will say things about "how good I look," and that I'm "not that big for being that far along." In the past few days, I've had some pretty funny comments from unexpected sources.

One of my old probationer's saw me at the court house. I have had two of his younger brothers and a cousin, so the rest of the family has seen me and knows I'm expecting. I walked toward him and his first comment was "WHAT? When did this happen?'' My answer, "Umm, about 9 months ago I guess."

As I was walking out of the court house, one of the bailiff's said, "You should go swimming." I turned to look at him and he went on to explain that that is what his wife did with all their kids. "Not just because you are hot (meaning weather, not body), but because it just feels good." The funny thing about this comment is that I was in a search all spring long for a swimming suit that would work for the summer. My apartment complex has a pool that is directly across from our building. I haven't been in it once. I've only used the swimming suit one time all summer long. By the time I'm home, I don't want to change and go out again, so I don't. It would probably feel great though!

The infamous Judge Valdez asked how much longer I had and I told him about 2 weeks. He comments about how it's good that I'll deliver soon because I've "got a pretty good waddle going on." Then he proceeds to roll up his sleeves and ask if he should boil some water to sterilize the area and he can deliver the baby. I said, "you are on the news enough, I don't think we need another headline that says 'Judge induces labor to make Probation Officer happy.' " He agreed, laughed, and walked in his chambers.

If you don't know who I'm talking about, this Judge is well known for his mood swings and many people, (defendants, attorneys, case workers, parents, etc.) fear his drastic mood swings. When he's on a good day, he is great. Probably one of the best judges the juvenile system could ask for, but when he is in "one of his moods" everyone steers clear. So for him to make these comments was fairly uncharacteristic of his normal demeanor, therefore, being quite funny to myself and the clerks that were sitting there!

Baby Leila's Room

I've finally got Leila's room all put away and decorated. I saw this bedding on J.C. Penney online before I knew the gender of the baby. I fell in love with it right away. I've looked at it online weekly until we finally bought it. My mom actually saw the bedding in the store and we got a killer deal on it because it was during a great sale and she had a coupon. It's called Papagayo (have no idea what that means....) But it's cute.

Below is the view from the door, the closet is to the left.

Below is the view from the closet, the door is to the right.

Below is the view from the window, the same wall the door is part of.

All of the palm tree decorations and monkeys I already had. They just happened to go GREAT with Leila's room, so they are hers now.

Leila Update

I went to the doctor again on August 25th. I'm still about 75% effaced and dilated to a 1. (Slight improvement since last week.) Since my body has a history of not always working properly, I asked the doctor what happens if my body goes into relapse mode and doesn't know what to do. We scheduled an induction date of September 17th just in case I need it. Everyone keep your fingers crossed that I don't need that date!

Leila has had the hiccups every day for the past 4 days. My friend said that is a good sign because it helps develop their lungs to be stronger. Who knows if that's totally true, but it's such a funny feeling. I guess she's taking after her mother...those of you who spend any amount of time with me know that I get the hiccups on average of about 4+ times a week. They usually don't last long, but they are obnoxious!

Kuso and my good friend Leslie have both had dreams the past two nights that Leila was born, and they got to see her. Without telling Leslie what Kuso said Leila looked like, she told me. They both had the same description....LOTS of dark hair and CHUBBY cheeks! Let's hope that is the truth! How cute would that be?....

Stay tuned for a new picture and more updates. Hopefully not too many more though.

Silly Swollen Feet/Ankles

Remember all those times that I've referred to my silly swollen feet and ankles.
Here is a quick look at what I'm talking about.

No, it's not bruised...just looks that way!

I challenge any of you who can beat this pictures (without having a broken foot) to try!

I laugh every time I see these.

It's so comical to have Fred Flintstone feet (more than I usually do according to my brothers...)

And since I can read minds, No, they don't hurt. Well, sometimes when I get up in the night and haven't been on them for a while, but overall, they don't hurt. They just look silly.

Baby Showers...

Here is the highly anticipated 36+ weeks picture. I'm almost 38 weeks now, so stay tuned for a new picture in a few days....

My first shower was thrown by friends in my ward on Thursday August 13th. We had it in the backyard of Carrie's house. They had a Hawaiian theme with decorations and Hawaiian Haystacks to eat. That is the first time I've had those, and they were so good. There was a downpour rainstorm about 10 minutes before the shower was supposed to start, then it turned in to a very nice, calm evening.

The next shower was on Saturday August 15th in my mom's backyard thrown by a few good friends, practically sisters. My mom had been planning and worrying for months how she would keep me cool in the middle of August in the backyard. Well, all morning long were horrible thunder storms. My mom found out that the church was available. About an hour before it was supposed to start, we decided to keep it in the backyard. We put up a shade cover over the gift table, and my mom's patio is covered over. We decided to stand up to Mother Nature who was throwing a shower of her own. By the time the shower time rolled around, it was a steamy 58 degrees. By the end of the shower, it was in the upper 70's. It turned out to be quite mild and nice to sit and chat. My mom's worrying about keeping me cool was unwarranted.

I got to plan the menu which consisted of chicken salad sandwhiches and fruit. That's all I wanted. They threw in chips, this YUMMY drink (sprite, peach crystal light, and frozen berries), and guava cake...mmmm. My girl Kim made this fruit flower arrangment. She watched a tutorial on You Tube. This was her first attempt. Looked pretty good! Tasted GREAT! She is so talented.

She thought it looked better on the table than with her posing with it, so here is the second look.

My last shower was on Thursday August 20th thrown by my co-workers. We all met at Sizzler for lunch.

After each shower, I brought stuff home and just put it on the floor in Leila's room. Over the week, it stacked up. These are the piles and laundry baskets full of all the awesome stuff we got! The bottom picture is the stack of diapers that we got from showers. Since these pictures were taken, we have received several more gifts and packages of diapers.

Needless to say, I don't think our daughter will go without much in her life. Too many people that love her and are excited for her to get here are willing to provide anything and everything she would ever want!

Thanks to everyone who threw the showers, attended the showers, provided for the showers, and for the overall love and support that we feel as we begin our family.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Quick Update

So my computer has been having technical difficulties uploading pictures. We took a "look how big I am prego" picture last Saturday when I would have been 36+ weeks. I haven't been able to post it yet since my computer won't take it off the camera. When I get it working, you will see my big belly...

I went to the doctor again this past Tuesday. I am still about 75% effaced and not dilated at this point. She is definitely head down. I felt a little relieved since there is still some work to be done at work and at home before little Leila decides to make her world debut. However, once we get past August 29th, I'm okay with her showing up whenever she is ready. (That is Kuso's brother's wedding that I would like to go to.)

I've had two baby showers, and one more today. I'll get pics of all the stuff and post those and details about each shower later. Just wanted to keep any of you anxious people updated on what's going on in our Leila world.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tick Tock...tick tock...

Time is winding down! Leila's due date is one month from today! I'm down to seeing the doctor every week now! WHOA! Yesterday my cervix was soft and I was 75% effaced! I quit listening after that because it made it too real. I'm not sure what she said about being dilated or anything. I said SHE because Dr. Brown was out this week so his new co-worker, Dr. Faircloth took over. She's great. Young and energetic...she just might have to take over when Dr. Brown decides to retire. Then Kuso decided he needed to be the doctor and listen to the heart beat and get the baby moving. His name is Dr. (docta) Brown-skin. We thought it was pretty funny.

Since time flies by so quickly I guess I better get down to business at work and get everything in order. I was 3 weeks early, so if that's the case...I better get going!

As with every Leila update, we are more and more anxious to meet her, but also more and more anxious about being responsible for her. And now that the stages of labor have begun, I'm more and more anxious about the actual delivery! The only thing that calms me is the knowledge that women have been doing this for centuries. If they can do it, so can I!

Monday, August 3, 2009

...these are a few of my favorite things...

In no particular order...(and most of these are NOT pregnancy related...)

*ICE - with some Coke on it....mmmm
*Watching Leila "dance" in my stomach
*Laughing with Aukuso
*Kuso's eyes and smile when he's happy
*Juicy popcicles
*Warm baths
*Waking up and seeing skinny ankles (although that only lasts for about 20 minutes. By the time I'm out of the shower, I have kankles again!)
*Imagining what Leila will look like. and what her personality is going to be like.
*Pedicures (even though I still am not a fan of other's besides hubby touching my feet.)
*The smell of rain and laundry soap
*Realizing I've slept for 5 hours without being interrupted for bathroom breaks or aching hips
*Seeing the days pass by that gets me closer to meeting my daughter (and a few months off of work!)
*Sitting outside on a warm summer evening
*Samoan love songs (English are good too, but that language is so sexy :) )
*Polynesian choirs - amazing. If you have never heard one, seek one out. Amazing.
*Hearing Kuso sing
*Knowing that I'm loved

I guess this is a good start. I may add more later.