Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Catch Up!

So, I haven't been the best about keeping this updated lately. We've been off busy having fun. And I have been bad about taking pictures, and blogs are more fun to look at when there are pictures attached. I'll work on it.

Labor Day weekend Aukuso and I went camping with my parents, my aunt Karen and uncle Craig, cousin Amber, and their friends. We went near 12-mile flat up the canyon from Gunnison, UT. The camp spot sucked. Lots of rocks and dust. Not too many trees. But it was fun! We enjoyed some good food and an outdoor movie just in time to get into bed and then the storm hit. And it hit HARD! We woke up to slimy mud. It was really icky, but kind of fun trying to get everything thrown into the truck so we could get out of there before the storm hit harder. It was a good time.

This past weekend, Aukuso and I went to the Utah State Fair. We spent over 3 hours there. We did not see any animals. We did not ride any rides. We did not look at any displays. We did watch a few shows. We did eat....a lot. We did shop. We did watch people. I love the fair. It is the best place for my favorite sport..."people watching."