Friday, July 29, 2011

Would You Like Fries with That?

Last night I was at another fast food restaurant with a play area with Leila...(do you see a theme in my life? It's really not that often, but it seems to be lately.) Anyway, as I'm ordering, Leila is standing on the floor next to me. This is how the conversation went:

Worker: Is that your daughter?

Me: Yes.

Worker: Is she adopted? Or is her dad....? (her words trail off to nothing)

(My thoughts: Or is her dad what? Black, Polynesian, Hispanic? Or is her dad a sperm donor that I picked from the bank and asked for chocolate flavored?)

Me: She looks like her dad. Her dad is Samoan.

Worker: Oh. (as she smiles sheepishly. She was kind of embarrassed.)

I thought it was hilarious. Because let's be honest, Leila looks nothing like me. I know this. I am actually surprised that for as many stores as I take her to, that no one else has asked before this!

Judgement Day

I was reading a post about how certain people are in an uproar about a cross (a T-joint steel girder made out of steel) that was found among the rubble and preserved as a memorial of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center is finally going to be unveiled this September as a memorial for the 10th anniversary of the biggest attack on American soil.

The complainers are upset that they would pick a Christian symbol. There were victims who were not Christian. And some of the ones who are Christians want it to be a "Lutheran" cross rather than just any old cross.

This is what one man (President of American Atheists) had to say. "The World Trade Center cross has become a Christian icon. It has been blessed by so-called holy men and presented as a reminder that their god, who couldn't be bothered to stop the Muslim terrorists or prevent 3,000 people from being killed in his name, cared only enough to bestow upon us some rubble that resembles a cross."

All I have to say is, "WOW...what will that man be held accountable for when his Judgement Day comes?" I would love to be there when our Heavenly Father welcomes him with open arms and continues loving him as he loves all of His children. I would love to see that man's eyes opened and heart softened as he hears and understands the message of the true gospel.

AND isn't it interesting that the only symbol found was a Christian symbol. To me, personally, that speaks volumes. GOD BLESS AMERICA. One Nation, Under GOD.

*Sorry...I don't usually get into controversial topics, but for some reason, this one hit me strong today.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Girl's Camp

I had the opportunity to go to Girl's Camp with my Stake. Well, for 2 days anyway. And yes, it was an opportunity. I love girl's camp. Especially when it includes nice facilities. This year we went to Heber Valley Camp that was inspired by President Gordon B. Hinkley. Anyone who has been on the property can see and feel the inspiration that went into developing this camp.

There are cabins or yurts with bunk beds. Pavilions to cook under with sinks, running water (hot and cold), camp stoves (includes griddles and propane), a walk in closet that has shelves and a fridge for food, and bathrooms with showers (the girls got to take one during the week).

A lake that allows campers to canoe. After everyone is in their canoe, there is a signal to start 2 minutes of silence where the directors ask each participant to use this silence to pray to our Heavenly Father. At the end of the silence, everyone sings out I Feel My Saviors Love. The song kind of echoes around the small lake. As the facilitator describes it "like Heavenly Angels" which was true. There is just no other way to describe it.

An obstacle course that allows girls to challenge themselves to go on the high course which includes climbing up a telephone pole (basically), walking across a log to the other pole, hooking up to the zip line, then falling over the edge to zip to the end of the line. The other "low" obstacles were team building activities which are then related to spiritual lessons we can apply to our lives. (YES! I did the high course! Go me!)

When Sister Marjorie Hinkley heard about what was going into this camp, she said something to the effect of "well these girls need ice. And clean water." So down at the main pavilion there is an ice machine (hotel style) with a spout for filtered water. SO refreshing to have COLD water during the hot months and the high altitude (8,000 ft.)

The wildlife are used to the campers being around so in the 2 days I was there, we saw deer (some were likely the same) about 10 different times, including babies. There was one deer who laid under our yurt for several hours one afternoon. They would just look at you and pose for pictures (for people who actually use their cameras.) Amazing.

We had a good group of girls. 26 in all. Each girl had "buddied up" with someone else which made it nice so that leaders did not have to "assign" friends so that some of the younger or quieter girls didn't get left out. They all got along, no problems, no fights, no arguing. It was bliss. We had a couple of non-members there as well as a "delinquent youth" who "has a record." Each of these girls (who I had never met before) were drawn to me and we all became quite close. A couple of these new friends got teary when I had to leave.

This camp was truly inspired by our Heavenly Father. And regardless of background or personality, it brings the best out in everyone and each individual has the opportunity to feel our Savior's love through the beauty of the surroundings.

btw...this camp is available for families to rent on weekends and through the winter months. I would HIGHLY recommend you find some way to get a chance to visit this camp at least once in your life. It truly is amazing.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Customer Service at it's FINEST!

Saturday July 23rd I took Leila to Arctic Circle so she could play on the slides (since she won't eat until she is ready - plus, I was looking for something to occupy her time and wear her out so she would take a good nap.)

After a little while of playing, I noticed that she had leaked through her shorts - the perfect indicator that it was time to go. Well, the playground is great for kids, not for parents. Both ends start with stairs that lead to tunnels to get to the middle. However, the tunnels are very small. I probably could have squirmed my way through, but there is no way I could have squirmed my way out with an upset child. (I eventually bribed her to come out by telling her I would give her M&M's - a girl after my own heart.)

Well, part of the reason I did not just retrieve her and throw her down the slide was - drum roll please - the slide was covered in POOP! Yep....poop. Gross. The ONLY part of this that makes it (kind of) okay is that it was HER poop! I started to walk outside to take her food and our drinks to the car while she played for one more second then saw the splatters on the bottom of the slide. She was the only kid who had been in there that wasn't over 6 so I knew it had to be hers...luckily for everyone involved the other kids had left by this point.

So I put the food and drinks down and tell the manager that he may want to close the playground and the reason why. As I carried Leila out to the car like hazmat material I tell the manager I'll be back to clean up the mess after I clean up the mess (my screaming daughter) I was taking to the car. When I came back in, the manager and one of the employees was cleaning up the mess. I told them that I was more than willing to do it (as I have also worked in the food industry and know how crappy - no pun intended - it is to clean up other people's nasty messes.) The manager just smiled and said it was "No problem. We all have kids and know how it is. We need to disinfect anyway."

Now, Arctic Circle is not usually my first place to eat...nor 2nd or fact, it's quite far down on the list most days, but after that experience, you bet I'll take Leila back there so she can play on their equipment and bring some business to a company who employs people who understand that even though your kids can be gross, it's not intentional.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Call for Assistance

No. This is not snake related. Luckily.

I'm reaching out to all my mother (of father) readers since most of you have children older than mine. Leila will be 2 in September and goes through spurts of sleeping well through the night, then waking up and crying for a sippy. She also goes through spurts where it's okay for me to leave her room while she is awake, and then through spurts where I have to lay next to her until she is asleep, then sneak out. The good behaviors coincide with each other and the bad with each other.

I've had a few thoughts about what might be causing the roller coaster of emotion...

*Teething - she might be pushing a few of her bigger teeth through the back and the pain wakes her up, then wants a sippy because the cold helps it? She had been doing well for several weeks up until this week. Last night she was up 3 times for a total of probably close to 2 hours. NOT OKAY....for her or me.

*Feeling insecure - with daddy's work schedule and having him home for 2-3 days, then gone for 4-5 days, I think she might wake up to make sure someone is still with her. Again, the sippy is just a comfort thing for her? Coincidentally, she sleeps better when he is home (most of the time.)

*Pure exhaustion - you know that feeling when you are so tired you can barely function and you are so excited to go to sleep, but then you get in bed and your mind is still racing because you have had such a busy day? Maybe Leila is such a busy body she does the same thing?

*Being too hot or cold - that was the problem several weeks ago, but I think that has been resolved for now.

I don't know, but something has got to give. Why can't I have one of those kids who sleeps through the night at 4 months old. Leila did at 2 months, but then up again at 4 months, then sleeps good around 8 months and so on. She is almost 2 people! I'm open for any advice.

Her bed time is quite late (on average around 10pm), but when I try to get her to bed earlier (especially on days she shows she is tired) she ends up going to sleep later because she plays games and gets herself all hyper again. She is a party animal and would stay awake until 11 -12 if I would let her. Easy. I wake her up to take her to the sitters around 7:30. On weekends, she will wake up anywhere between 7:30 and 9:00. So she gets about 9+ hours of sleep a night...then usually gets a decent nap in the afternoon. Anywhere between 1.5 - 3 hours...usually about 2 - 2.5. (She takes her nap around 2 on average.) But even on the days she gets a shorter nap, or an earlier nap, she still won't go to sleep earlier. I know they say kids need more sleep than 9 hours, but Leila stays pretty happy for the most part. She is not miserable by the end of the night (there are exceptions to this.)

I enjoy her later bed time (mostly) because I am a full time working mother and so I only get to see her a few hours a day, but I also know she needs her sleep. I would also like a little time to myself to clean up or watch a show I want to watch without interruption. for any suggestions to get her to bed a few minutes earlier and keep her there. If she continues with her waking up this week, tonight I'll try giving her Tylenol to see if it really is a pain thing.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What Do You Do When Your Worst Nightmares Come True?

Mine has.

My mom found a snake on my property yesterday. Sick. Ew. Gross.

She got my dad and they both said it was a greyish (maybe a little black) in color. About 2 feet long and about as big around as my mom's middle finger. Sick. Ew. Gross.

We were doing yard work and cleaning up the garage. Maybe an hour before the encounter, I was pulling weeds on the side of the house where the snake had to have come from, and pulling weeds from the actual "flower bed" where it was found! Sick. Ew. Gross.

And less than 10 minutes before the encounter, I had turned the front hose on. This is where it was found. It's beady little eyes were probably watching me. Sick. Ew. Gross.

My mom went to turn the hose on and almost stepped on the damn thing! That's when she got my dad and I was in the back yard. She was trying not to freak me out, but when she wasn't spraying the drive way and my dad had his leather gloves on, I thought something was up. Sick. Ew. Gross.

She waited a few minutes, then told me the details AFTER my dad says "Well, at least we know why there aren't mice over here." Sick. Ew. Gross.

So they checked a little through the bushes and the ground cover (one of the main reasons why I'm not a fan of ground cover and why we tore out the ground cover/vines in the backyard this spring) and to make sure it didn't go into the window well. As they were checking, my mom saw it's trail over the ground cover leading away from my house. Sick. Ew. Gross. I couldn't even bring myself to see that.

So just now, I was looking on Google to see what kind of snake in Utah might fit this description. Just the images of the snakes creeped me out. I got the shivers and clicked out right away. Sick. Ew. Gross.

So in case you want to know how I really feel about snakes...They Are EVIL! Sick. Ew. Gross.

The ONLY positive (if there is one) of this situation, is it might get Kuso motivated to get those bushes torn our sooner than later. Neither one of us really liked them, but there were other projects we felt were more important to tackle before those. Maybe not.

Monday, July 18, 2011

18 words

Since today is the 18th, I decided to describe my weekend in 18 words.

Laser hair removal - on hold. Concrete - almost complete. Dinner - Cracker Barrel. Rugby. Beto's. Drive-in movie. Church - "woo-hoo!" - again.

Kind of challenging, but kind of fun. (btw...hyphenated words only count as one since you just counted all my words!)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Free as a Bird!

Leila loves the water. We set this little pool up while Troy and Kuso worked on getting our cement project prepped...(which we will FINALLY pour tomorrow! I'm SO excited to have that project done.) Anyway, I just took Leila's clothes off and let her play since she still needed to take a bath.

Well, the diaper got SUPER soaked. Actually, I'm quite amazed with how much water that thing held. I finally took it off and just let her play naked for a little bit. I squeezed the diaper and had to squeeze pretty hard to get any water to come out. Amazing. Then I touched it (like on the commercial) and it felt pretty dry considering it was filled to the brim.

How liberating does that look to sit in your backyard, naked, basking in the sun? I think it looks heavenly. A couple years ago, I took an outside shower at girls camp around noon. The sun was shining and the water was perfect. I LOVED it. Then the outside showering experiences in, I love to be outside naked. Too bad it won't ever happen. You can all thank me for my restraint. Any time she sees the camera, she has to have her picture taken, then look at it. BOTH of these pictures are from her seeing the camera, then saying "CHEEEEESE." (and usually tilts her head.)

Look how NICELY her face has healed up. I'm HOPING it will stay that way. I'm putting "monkey balm" on it morning and night to hopefully keep that awful dry skin from coming back.

The picture below is from a week prior to the above picture.

4th of July 2011

The 4th of July Shawn, Michelle, and Kiley were still in town, so we went to the zoo. Utah's Hogle Zoo has "Zoorassic Park" set up for the summer. They have all of these cool dinosaurs that move and roar. Some spit water! Most of them have baby one's nearby too. The cool part about them, is they were just scattered throughout the zoo, but they didn't look like they were out of place. Leila wasn't too fond of them, in fact, she hated them. Which is kind of surprising given how brave she is about other things. Not this.

Most of the dino's also had plaque's by them telling you the name of the dinosaur and what scale this model is made to. I didn't look at most of them, but they were about 1/2 or 2/3 to real scale. Above and Below: My disgusting brothers making the most of their photo op with this giant Elephant statue.Some of the Wild Life. Our friend Dorian works at the zoo (with the reptiles. YUCK!) but he was going to give us the chance to take the girls back and see some lizards and snakes (we politely declined...again, YUCK!...but he also had access to the ENORMOUS tortoises that are like 100 years old! But he wasn't available to take us for almost 2 more hours. By this time, we had already been there for close to 2 hours and keeping these small girls there that much longer was going to be hard...and chances are, Leila would have been scared anyway!

See what I mean? She was even scared of the Lion fountain!

These statues were about the only things she wasn't scared of...AFTER she watched them for a minute to make sure they weren't moving! (funny side note - when she hugs things, often times she will say "hug" while she is hugging it. Cute.)

Leila loves pockets. and I love watching her put her hands in her pockets.Family Photos

My "white trash" family. Troy REALLY wanted to get into the garbage can, and if they came and changed out the bag, he would have. Luckily for us, the bag was dirty and he was able to restrain himself.

After the zoo, we stopped by Pizza Factory for lunch. (It's not as good as the original one in Cedar City, but it's still pretty tasty.) Kuso didn't join us for our morning activities. He had to go to Provo to get some koko from his cousin that was sent with a missionary who recently came to the MTC. (plus he thinks the zoo is boring.)

We took the girls home for naps, then later we all went to Murray Park for the fireworks. Kuso's family (uncle and some cousins families) go every year and we have just latched on to their traditions. Leila wasn't too sure about the fireworks, but after daddy held her tight in his arms, she relaxed and enjoyed them. (no pictures...I have more fun playing around than trying to capture it all through pictures. I need to get better about that!)

Aiono Bi-Annual Reunion 2011

Kuso's family reunion was Friday July 1 - Sunday July 3, 2011. So far the reunions have been here in Utah because there are more places for everyone to stay for free if we have it here! Kuso's family has a reunion every other year due to the distance people need to travel to get together. The reunion started Friday at a park where some people camped over. I worked, so we didn't start the reunion until I got off. We met everyone at the park, reunited with cousins, then headed over to a church for the family dance/taualuga.

Above: Tasha, Nati, Whitney, Nuga, Ana (Nati's daughters)
Below: Tasha, Ana, Grandma, Whitney, Grandpa

Above: Tiana aka Alofa, Little G, and Sierra (Alofa/Tiana is the oldest, G and Sierra are twins less than a year younger!) Siaosi's kids (the 3 oldest anyway) took over the bandannas to show how gangsta they are.

Below: Kuso and his mom dancing. Above: Grandpa Voi dancing.Above: Most of the kids (high school and down) that were at the reunion dancing.

Below: MOST of the people at the reunion. Below: Cousins James and Siaosi Aiono (not the same Siaosi who's kids are shown above). Our favorite local Utah Utes football players! Go UTES! I'm pretty sure this is James' senior/last year and this is Siaosi's freshman year.Saturday we had initially planned to take everyone to a water park, but it was decided that was too much expense and too many kids to take around water, so they just had a huge tarp/slip and slide and water balloons. Leila isn't QUITE old enough for that, so I still took her to the pool with my family. (Shawn, Michelle, and Kiley came to town the same weekend as the Aiono reunion.)

After swimming, Kuso had a dance performance so we headed over there.
I love this picture of Leila. She looks so grown up in her shorty shorts and T-shirt tied back.

Daddy and Daughter dancing! Leila seriously can't control herself sometimes.

Sunday they had dinner at Golden Corral (much easier and actually cheaper than cooking for the entire family.) Then that night we ended the reunion with a family testimony/tell us about your life and family meeting.

Above: MOST of the people who made it to the church.

Below: The parents (reason for the reunion) and most of the young kids (who are the 4th generation for this reunion - starting from Kuso's grandpa (1) Kuso's dad (2) Kuso (3) and Kuso's kid (4.) Kinda cool.Above: Pailate, BooBoo, Siaosi, Ray, Faioso

Pailate has the same name same age (6 days difference) as my hubby - different middle names is the only way to tell them apart on paper!).

Below: Ana, Xavier, Nani, and Avian

Kuso's family really knows how to have a good time. There is always food, dancing, and laughter involved in almost any get-together. We love to visit with Kuso's cousins from California and we love to visit with his cousins who live here in town, but we never see!

Funnies by Leila

*At my parent's neighbors house - Leila was playing with the dogs. The dog sneezed. Leila looks the dog in the face and says "bless you!"

* Whenever we hear music, we tell Leila to "shake it." When we call Kuso's phone, it plays "Forget You" by Cee Low and Leila usually shakes her shoulders while we wait for him to answer. Lately, she points at me and says "shake it." Then I shake my shoulders and she gets quite a giggle out of it.

* Yesterday I went to get her out of bed to go to the sitters. (this week she has been going to my sister-in-laws house (Alofa) because her regular sitter is out of town.) I told her to get up and lets go. Most days, she gets up and is ready to go. Yesterday she just laid there, looked at me and said "church."

Me: "wanna go see Auntie?"
Leila: "Nope."
Me: "wanna go see One?"
Leila: "Nope."
Me: "wanna go see grandma?"
Leila: "Nope."
Me: "wanna go to church?"
Leila: "Yep."

Most of the time any of these questions gets an excited YEP! But yesterday, she just wanted to go to church. If I thought she had any real sense of time, she would know that it was a YW night, but I don't think that's the case. It made me chuckle that she just wanted to go to church.

* At least on a daily basis she tells us that "Moki -- house." Moki is our neighbors dog that she loves to play with as long as he is on his leash or in Dick's arms. She always points at their house and tells us "Moki." So I always tell her "Moki is in the house." So now that's what she tells us all the time - even when we aren't at our house.

* She always tells me "Come on" (think in a deep disgusted voice) which she usually isn't disgusted when she tells me that, but it's SO funny. She squeals like a girl, then tells me "come on" in this deep manly voice. SO not girly. She also responds to a lot of questions with an unenthusiastic "yep." Again, very deep and not girly sounding. "Leila! Wanna watch the fireworks?" "yep" (think Eeyore). It's hilarious.

* While driving to a friend's wedding last weekend, we weren't by any houses or gas stations or anything and Leila starts yelling "Mom! Mom!" "What Leila?" "Dino's! ROOOAAAAR!" Funny for 2 reasons. 1) it was totally out of the blue and 2) she was scared to death of the dino's at the zoo, but she has talked about them all week long.

* I'm sure there are more, but I'm going to try and post more of these silly things she says now that her communication skills are improving...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Hip Hip Hooray! ?

Since I'm trying out to be the World's Best Mom, I occasionally let Leila sit in the front seat (or on the arm rest) while we drive to or from church (about a block away). Yesterday, we turned the corner and Leila saw the church, threw her arms in the air in triumph, let out a girly "Whoo!," then yelled "Church!"

Leila seriously loves church. We have finally found our assigned seats in this ward that we have been attending for a year now. So now that we sit near the same people consistently, Leila knows that she sits with us until the sacrament is over, then after that she can color or eat her snacks. And then depending on the week, any time after the sacrament has been passed, she starts taking books to the "older" lady that sits behind us (Older meaning maybe 60ish?). Then it's back and forth and back and forth to switch out books. The lady (Sis. Fenema) LOVES Leila and apologizes to us every week for keeping her so long. Seriously lady, don't apologize. It's quite nice to have little responsibility and your entertaining her keeps her quite reverent, so don't apologize, let me thank you!

Leila loves church so much that for the past few weeks while we have been doing camp clinics for Young Women I've taken her with me so she can just be at the church. I was a little worried that it might confuse her that on Wednesday we get to go and be silly then Sunday we have to be reverent, but she has done quite well.

Leila loves church so much that when I'm trying to comb her hair and get her ready and she is not being cooperative, I say "Do you wanna go to church?" "Yep." Then MOSTLY cooperates.

My Patriarchal Blessing mentions that I will have an easy time raising my children in the Gospel if I stay true and faithful. If Leila's love for church (and Nursery) are any indicator to what we have to look forward to, I am/will be truly grateful and will throw my arms in the air in triumph, and let out my own girly "Whoo!".

Friday, July 1, 2011


SO...a couple of my friends have posted this quiz on their blog to have their viewers take the quiz to see how well their blogs reflect their interests/personality/etc. After doing both of their quizzes, I decided to post the quiz WITH my answers because most of these questions would not be answered through my regular blogs. I tend to blog about funny things, or big events, not every day, here ya go.

1. What is my beverage of choice? Diet Dr. Pepper or Coke Zero these days
2. What is my favorite meal of the day? snack time
3. If it were 72 degrees outside and the sun was shining, where or what would I be doing? I would probably be at work, but I would want to be doing yard work or taking Leila to a park or just watching Leila play around the yard.
4. Do I enjoy cooking? not really
5. What time am I usually up and ready for the day by? usually out the door by 7:30 or earlier.
6. How many siblings do I have? 2 brothers, one older, one younger
7. What is one of my least favorite chores? cleaning bathrooms! or dusting. or sweeping. I don't mind cleaning the kitchen, cleaning bedrooms, doing laundry, vacuum. But I HATE bathrooms the MOST!
8. What is one of my talents (do I have more than one? hahahahaha)? I don't really have a lot of talents that I can SHOW...but I'm a great organizer (when i want to be) and I'm really good at getting along with people. Pretty much anyone I can have a conversation with and make them feel comfortable.
9. What am I most proud of? My family. My career. That all through junior high, high school, and college (even now and forever) I never drank any alcohol, used any tobacco, or any drugs. In fact, it takes a LOT for me to even take Tylenol or something like that.
10. What is my favorite season? Summer probably, although I enjoy elements of all of them. I love the brisk air in the fall. I love the first snow fall. I love to feel the air warm up and the flowers bloom in the spring, but summer is the most fun!
11. Briefly describe my typical day. Drop Leila at the sitters, go to work, leave work, pick up Leila from my mom's (usually spend several hours there including dinner) go home, give Leila a bath, bed time routine...and we throw some playing in there somewhere. Weekends? Eh. your guess is as good as mine!
12. Name 2 of my favorite treats. White trash (a chex mix type mixture covered in almond bark coating) and cadburry mini eggs (I put these same answers on a friends quiz) but I also love frozen candy bars (Reese's, Snickers, Milky Way)
13. My favorite restaurant? Fiesta Ole or Chick Fil A probably. Although Chili's chips and salsa ring out to me!
14. One of my hobbies? online shopping, I just really enjoy anything that gets me to laugh
15. Do I like to 'craft'? not really, but sometimes if it's simple enough
16. Would I rather get a shot or go to the dentist? I don't really hate either. A shot is faster I guess.
17. Who is my best friend? Probably My mom and Leslie Uta'i (for different reasons)
18. My favorite holiday? Easter
19. It's 40 degrees outside and rainy. Where or what would I be doing? Probably at work, but I would rather be home watching a movie wrapped up in a blanket.
20. My favorite time of day? about 8 pm when the weather is calm, but still warm and nice outside (during the summer.) I also love 430 when it's time to leave work and go do something for ME!
21. What am I scared of? losing a loved one unexpectedly, snakes, spiders, octopus, most animals, reptiles, bugs, etc. I don't like things that can hurt me or surprise me. Heights. Disappointing someone I love.
22. Where do I do the majority of my grocery shopping? WalMart
23. Would I rather spend money going out to eat at a nice restaurant or going out to do something? going to do something because usually, there is something to eat there! If we go out to eat, it's USUALLY to a buffet so Kuso can get his money's worth. $20 at Applebees doesn't do it for him.
24. What is one of Leila's favorite things? Yo Gabba Gabba!, outside, playing with daddy/grandpa/Uncle
25. One of Kuso's? rugby, volleyball, dancing
26. Why do you read my blog? feel free to leave your answer under comments!