Wednesday, December 26, 2012

32+ Weeks

As of today, December 26, 2012, I think I am "technically" 32 weeks and 5 days along.  That gives me a due date of February 22, 2013.  However, both of my ultrasounds measured a bit small, so at my last appointment, I asked the doctor if that was going to change the due date at all.  The only reason I ask/care is because I'm not a "28 day" kind of girl, so chances are, my dates were slightly off.  At day 35, my pregnancy test was negative, but by day 42, it was positive.  Most people show a postive test by day 25 or so.  I don't want the baby to come too early...the longer they cook, the cuter they are in my opinion.  SO he did a little calculating, and changed my due date to March 3, 2013.  He was a bit hesitant because he didn't want to move the date too much in case we feel the need to be induced, but that was only 9 or 10 days different, about the same difference between my positive test and most people's positive tests. 

I am glad to be further out of winter, but am a bit sad to have to wait that much longer to meet my little guy.  He will be here soon enough. 

Christmas 2012

Christmas is so much more fun with kids!  We took this picture in front of my parents tree before we opened gifts at midnight.  (After grandma's midnight gifts, we go home, go to bed, Santa comes, then we do our own small family stuff Christmas morning.)
She is so "posey" sometimes.  Love it.

 We made Rice Krispie treat trains.  Leila and I worked on the front engine, then Casey's, then Papa's, then Daddy's, then Troy's.  They turned out pretty cute.

 Leila got a beloved "Dream Light" from her beloved Kiley.  We had to put the batteries in and make it work the second we were done opening presents.
Daddy got a guitar.  He has been wanting one for years.  No, he doesn't know how to play, and Yes, he will learn.  I can't wait for him to pick it up and play around the house.  If he plays, he will sing, and I LOVE to hear him sing.

Christmas morning at our house.
For the past few weeks, she has been saying that Santa was going to bring her "a bike and a Barbie."  She got the bike, but not the Barbie, but she did get a Barbie Mermaid movie. 
It was a pretty funny morning.  She didn't get to sleep until after 1 am because of the Midnight Madness at Grandma's house.  Around 9:30, Kuso got anxious and went and woke her up.  It took her a good 15 minutes to come out of her room to see what Santa brought.  She kept yelling down the hall, "But I'm too tired."  Once she got out there, she was loving it all over again.
As expected, she was spoiled. 
Later in the afternoon, she was playing with Kuso on the recliner.  She looked up and saw the Santa hanging on the wall.  She said "Thanks for my presents Santa."  So cute.  Her baby brother also gave her some presents.  We told her to say thank you to her brother and she crawled over and said "thank you" to my stomach.  Precious.
Leila was very humble this year.  At the ward Christmas party, she was asked to fill out a letter to Santa about what she wanted.  She kept saying "nothing" for almost two weeks.  I only WISH she will stay that humble and simple.  I'm sure next year, when she fully "gets" what is going on, she will want more, but this year, a "hug from Hadlee" was good enough.
Another funny thing I have to write just to mom mailed her a letter from Santa.  It had a picture of Santa, and a note reminding her to be a good girl, listen to her parents, etc.  It was addressed to Leila with a return address of the North Pole.  I showed it to her hoping she would get excited.  She said "Oh!  That's the one grandma did huh?"  I told my mom that and she was so confused.  My mom did those at work.  Leila never saw them.  Weird.

New Room for the Bug!

With baby brother on the way, I wanted to move Leila's room to the room next door so that we could put baby in that room.  The color on the walls matches the baby bedding perfectly.  It also has a light in the closet and a screen type door, so when it's night, you can switch that light on to see, but it doesn't light up the entire room.  SO convenient.
So to make the move more fun, we painted her walls a light purple so she would feel like it was a new room.  I was a bit worried that she would feel like she was being kicked out of her room so the baby could have it.  Nope.  She loves her new room and knows that "that room" is "baby brudders."

Halloween 2012

Last year, Leila was Juliet from Gnomeo and Juliet (a cute little gnome cartoon.)  This year, I altered the same dress to become a pirate.  Given her love of Disney Channel, she wasn't just a pirate, she was a "Jake and the Neverland Pirate." 
Either way, she was a pretty dang cute pirate!
We hit up my parent's Trunk or Treat, then went to a few select houses in our neighborhood. 

One funny thing about Leila is that she likes candy, but only a limited amount.  I was going to let her eat whatever she wanted that night.  She at probably 3 or 4 things and then was done with it.  There are some things she obviously likes more than others, but there is STILL candy sitting on our counter and it's the day after Christmas and it's not all stuff she doesn't like. 
She already talks about being Izzy from Jake and the Neverland Pirates for Halloween next year.  I'm trying to stear her into being Dorothy from Wizard of Oz.  My mom made a darling Lion costume when Kily was little.  Our little boy will probably fit into it - it will probably be a bit big, but still cute.  I guess we'll see what next year brings.

22 Weeks

October 19, 2012 marked my 22 weeks mark.  I had really good intentions of posting pics every 4 weeks or so. That hasn't happened.  I'll try to post something soon given that as I write this, I'm now 32 weeks or so.

Kuso becomes a United States Citizen!!!

October 17, 2012, Kuso was sworn in to be a Citizen of the United States.  Finally.
I submitted the original paperwork to get him back to the United States in October 2006.  He has been eligible for citizenship for over two years now, but we just didn't have the money to make it happen.  The immigration process is very expensive, confusing, and time consuming.  Having been involved on THIS side of the immigration debates, I have some pretty strong feelings about some of the immigration reform topics that get brought up from time to time.  MOST of the time, when I express my view to people, they change their view, at least slightly.  I'm not saying I have all the answers, and that if the government fully adopted my view it would work, but SOME things need to be taken into consideration when immigration is being discussed.
Sorry, I'll stop.
I'll have to look back through all my posts and see if I ever posted the original immigration story - about when we were dating and he got "stuck" in Samoa and without my help probably would have never been able to return to the United States.  If I did, then some/most of you know the story, if not, maybe I'll get around to that someday.
If you know the background, we were SUPER DUPER excited to get to the LAST STEP of the process.  The paperwork said the ceremony was at 1:00 pm.  My mom's neighbors had gone to the swearing in ceremony a few months prior and told us that seating was limited so to get there early.  So we did.  At 11:30.  We were in the building and got ushered out by security because they had not done security checks yet.  At that point, we were told the doors would open at 12:45.  I inquired about starting at 1 and the IDIOT lady told us the ceremony was at 2, but they put 1 on the paperwork to get everyone there on time.  Fine, so we went to lunch at PF Changs that was literally right next door.
We finished lunch, returned to the venue at 12:40 - and the place was PACKED!  There was NO WHERE for us to sit in the auditorium and the same IDIOT lady told us we could sit in the overflow area downstairs and watch it on a video screen.  Needless to say I was PISSED.  I dropped a few F-bombs.  My dad heard me.  He just raised his eyebrows and backed off, giving me the space I obviously needed at that moment.  I was emotional and refused to take that as the final answer.  I walked up to the balcony area just to see for myself.  Sure enough, there was NO seating.

So I asked that same IDIOT lady what time they opened the doors?  She said "12:45."   I was a LITTLE more composed and told her she was a "FREAKING LIAR" because we were there at 12:40 and it was full.  She then hums and ha's around like she had been caught.  I lost it. STORMED down the stairs.  I was HEATED.  I probably had steam coming out of my ears like a cartoon character.  The ONE thing that calmed me down was my sweet Leila.  (I'm getting emotional as I write this right now.)  She just hugged me, told me not to cry, and snuggled me for a minute.
So then we WAITED for the stinkin program to start.  While we were waiting, we started talking to some ladies behind us.  I was still a bit miffed about the whole situation and said something to the effect of "I paid a lot of money to have good seats."  They thought I really had paid money to be there (like a movie theater), but when I explained the whole immigration process, they were shocked at how much money it costs.  They were there supporting a nephews girlfriend or something like that.  After relating the story to them, THEY were ticked!  lol.
Anyway, the program started and it was probably a good thing we were in the overflow area because Leila was restless by then.  We had another photo shoot, the likes of which you will see below.  In one of the pictures, you can see how ridiculously small the screen was that the overflow area were supposed to watch.  Luckily, my dad had listened to the lady and gone down and got seating while I stormed around thinking I was going to fix something.
The program was nice.  A bit long, but pretty cool.  I think they said there were 211 people being sworn in from over 50 different countries.  Toward the end of the program, they had people stand from the different areas of the world (continents mostly) and then had a few people tell us where they were from and what it meant to them being sworn in.  I thought it would be lame, but that was probably the best part of the program.
At the very end, they showed a video as they played Lee Greenwood's "Proud to be an American" which is possibly my favorite song ever.  I lost it again.  I was crying like crazy because it was FINALLY over.  I didn't have to worry about anything regarding Immigration Laws to separate Kuso from our family again. 

(After looking at this picture with her hood on, I told my mom I might consider becoming Muslim just so my daughter would wear head dresses every day.  Look at that darling face."

After the ceremony, we were waiting to meet up with our "new citizen" in the lobby.  I'm looking and looking, wanting to be the first one to see him.  He taps me on the shoulder and I turned around to see him, holding our daughter.  I was a bit emotional again (as I am again as I write) but didn't show it this time. 

The relief I felt after the ceremony was complete was so awesome.  I didn't realize how nervous I was about the situation until it was resolved.  At one point in the past, Kuso said he would just keep his Green Card current.  I told him I wasn't taking that risk and that he needed to become a citizen.  I think getting married and having a family helped him to make that decision.  I made a comment the night before that I was probably more excited than he was.  He said "No hon.  I'm pretty excited."
I AM proud to be an American and proud that my hubby is too!

Photo Shoot

 October 16, 2012, after the bath, Leila wanted me to take pictures of her...this is what you get.

Love my Leila.

Leila's 3rd Birthday

September 14, 2012 marked Leila's 3rd birthday.  We were able to have her party on her birthday.  She invited a few friends over (Brooklyn, Hadlee, Cheyanne, Ethan - then a few of Kuso's friends brought their kids too.)  Above is Leila, Brooklyn, and Hadlee (don't you LOVE Hadlee's dress?  Her mom could not get her to take it off to come to the party, so she wore it.  Love it.)

The party was Minnie Mouse theme. 
Leila knows and understands to blow out the candles.
Now that this post is over 3 months late, I'll tell you a little about Leila as a 3 year old.
  • She has gotten much more emotional - "you mad at me" as she pouts or "you gonna make me cry"
  • She is SUPER excited to be having a baby brother on the way
  • She is a great mother to her babies at grandma's house.  Puts them to sleep, feeds them, wraps them in blankets, and makes sure to tell everyone to be very quiet while they are sleeping - let's just hope she keeps acting that way when the REAL baby is sleeping!
  • She tells me that I am her "best friend" quite often.
  • Her dad carries her with his arm straight down and his hand between her legs, holding on to her butt.  It's hilarious, but that is how his dad used to carry him and his little brother through town when they were little.  So he started doing that to her.  Now she ASKS to be carried like that all the time. 
  • She still has a sippy cup most nights, but not usually during the day. 
  • She is VERY aware of what is around her.  Doesn't miss a thing.
  • She has started copying the last word or phrase you say and turns it in to a question.  One night my mom and dad were play fighting in the kitchen and my mom said "You are such a jackass."  Leila says "Jackass?"  It was WAY funny, but surprisingly enough all the adults were able to stifle their laughter so we could teach her that wasn't funny. 
  • She uses lines from movies and phrases from TV shows in her regular conversations.  "Whew, that was a close one" I'm pretty sure came from Octonauts.
  • She LOVES Disney Channel.
  • She has learned to navigate the mouse on the computer - so if "Papa" turns on a video for her to watch on You Tube, she can start her own new videos now.
  • She is getting MUCH more girly.  Her favorite color is usually pink.
  • She is not a very good eater, unless she is hungry, then she can put it away.  But she will "pick" at her food for 2 or 3 days, but then on the "hungry" day, she cleans the place up!  She also only eats what she wants to eat.  It is rare that I can get her taste something she doesn't already know she likes.
  • She has "her kids" go with us everywhere.  "Her kids" are real people, they just aren't really with us.  It is usually her cousin Kiley.  Kiley is always eating with us, sitting next to her in the car, has to get in the shopping cart at the store, playing with her, dancing with her, and just being there, always.  Sometimes her other friends are included, but Kiley is always a constant. 
  • She had her first dentist visit, well second but the first one was a bust so they just sent us home.  This time around, she was a ROCK STAR!  She held her mouth wide open the entire time and never had to be told what needed to be done.  She made me a proud mama that day!
  • She is still VERY active and bounces all over the house.  It is usually hilarious, except when this mom is tired at the end of the day and Leila still wants to bounce around.  ESPECIALLY after her bath.  The girl loves to be naked and thinks it's funny to shake her booty and say "nananana."  It is pretty funny though.  I just have to remind myself that she isn't being bad and I don't need to get mad at her for being silly when it's not hurting anything.
I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea.  Leila is FULL of life and enjoys every second of it.  She is very caring and very stubborn.  She has given me the greatest gift ever - the gift of being a mother and knowing a mother's love. 

I have the most beautiful daughter and the Spirit she carries and exemplifies mirrors that same beauty.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Welcome to the Family

This post probably belongs before my last one, but deal with it.

October 5, 2012, Troy made Casey his Eternal companion in the St. George, Utah temple.  The Sealer spent a few minutes reminding the rest of us about the Covenants we had made when we entered the temple and how important those Covenants are for our earthly life as well as our eternal life. 

Casey brings out the best in my brother.  She is everything he is and everything he is not all in one person.  It kind of amazes me at how much has has changed (for the better) since Casey became a significant part of his life.  His story just adds to the list of "when it's right, you just know it" stories.

October 13, 2012 they had a reception at the "South Chapel" that we grew up attending.  The decorations were awesome and we had a LOT of compliments about how nice it looked and how "relaxing" it was.  Funny word for a wedding reception, but with the cabin/woodsy type decor, "relaxing" may have been an appropriate word.....and the "open bar" (Coke machine) definitely helped in making people feel comfortable.

No, I didn't take pictures...but I got a few tagged on my facebook, so I put them here.

Yes, that would be my brother Shawn and my husband Kuso "sharing" a cinnamon roll at the reception in Paragona, Utah.  Shawn suggested it in a mocking manner to Kuso of course went along and there ya go, the awkwardly funny picture. 

Baby #2

We are SUPER excited that we will be having a second child join us!  AND we are SUPER excited that it is going to be a boy! 
The technical due date is February 22, 2013.  When we had the ultrasound, I was exactly 19 weeks.  But all measurements during the ultrasound indicate that the baby was measuring 17 1/2 weeks.  THAT is probably a little more accurate based on my wacked out body functions anyway.  So in MY mind, the due date is February 26 or March 1.  I guess we'll find out in a few short months!
Ever since we have been telling Leila that mommy was having a baby, she always (aside from probably 4 incidents) told us it was a "baby brudder." 
We told my parents as part of my mom's birthday gift.  In her card from Leila I wrote "Dear Grandma, remember when you babysat me last February while mommy and daddy went to rugby?  Can we do that again next year, but not because of rugby, but because mommy is having a baby."
My mom had been reading it silently and looked up with VERY surprised look on her face and said "You are?!?!"  Then got to tell my dad and brother who were there.  That was fun.
I think in a post a long time ago, I may have mentioned that I have a hard time getting pregnant.  It's not to the level that some of my friends have had to reach to be able to get pregnant, or decide if adoption is the right choice, but because it is so difficult for me to conceive, once it finally happens, the gift of being a mother and able to bear children seems that much more of a miracle.  We are truly blessed to be able to become biological parents, and that once I finally do get pregnant, for the most part, the pregnancy is easy sailing. 
We can't wait to meet this little guy!
So as of this post, October 16th, I am technically 21 weeks and 3 days along!  Downward slope baby. that my blog is mostly up to date, I'll post pics of my growing belly soon...

Taylorsville Dayz

 I promise Leila wears more than this outfit.  Interestingly enough, I think this is the last time she WORE this outfit.  Can't find it. Forgot she had it until I looked through the camera one day.  It's not anywhere in our house, our cars, our bags, or my mom's.  But she clearly owned and wore them at some point.  Weird.  (this might have been the same day as the fairy party...I'm thinking it was.)
Anyway, this year Leila was big enough to ride the rides by herself.  She would hand in the tickets at each ride, pick which part of the ride she wanted to sit on, then ride without showing any enthusiasm in her face.  It was hysterical. 

 Drives like her daddy...the face says it all.
For entertainment this night, they had a Beach Boys coverband.  It was SO fun.  The next night was a Neil Diamond impersonator.  He was good, but the Beach Boys were WAY more entertaining and fun.  Taylorsville Dayz always puts on a GREAT fireworks show to music.  We may not live there, but we sure enjoy their festivities.

Fairy Tea Party

 Don't kill me, but I THINK this was on June 28, 2012.  My friend Alysha Miller asked if we wanted to take the girls to a Fairy Tea Party at Gardner Villlage.  I wasn't quite sure what that meant, but it sounded fun to get these three silly girls together.

It is exactly what it sounds like...a tea party with a fairy theme.  They got to put on hats and aprons and if they brought a doll, the doll got to dress up too.  Then they had juice and snacks.  I think Leila may have been a bit too young to appreciate how cute and fun everything really was.

 CHEERS!  So classy Leila.
 Leila is beautiful.  Heidi Morrison, the other mother who went with us, said this picture looks like it came out of a magazine.
 Above:  Leila, Brooklyn, Hadlee (as you can see, Leila didn't think it was fun to dress up.  She took it off not long after putting it on.)
Below:  Leila "ringing the bell" after they finished their fairy hunt

 Brookly, Hadlee, Leila - these three girls are so cute together.  Sometimes when it's time to walk to nursury at church, they find each other in the hall and hold hands while they walk there.  OR when we pick them up after nursury, the leaders tell us that they ran in a circle the ENTIRE time.  I believe them!
LOVE this face.  Glad I caught it as she came around the back of the poll.

Flag Burning Ceremony

 In June my parents ward Scout troop conducted a flag retirement ceremony.  They let members of the ward know in advance so they could collect all of the flags that had been worn out to retire them all at the same time. 

A couple of the leaders said a few words and all of the scouts participated by dropping one flag at a time on to the burning fire until all the flags were burned into ashes.  It was a pretty cool experience.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Daughter is Cute

So Sunday night we were driving down Bangerter past the Oquirrh Mountain Temple.  I pointed it out to Leila and told her "it's the temple."  She said "That's not a temple...that's a princess castle."  She always points at my wedding picture and says 'mommy princess dress' so I said "when you wear your princess dress you can go in that castle."  Her response..."I not a princess."  Little does she know that she is a princess and someday her prince will take her inside God's castle.

During the same drive we were trying to get her to say Aiono.  "Leila, say 'Aiono'."  Her response, "I not I no no."  (like she was getting in trouble even though we never say "no no" specifically. 

On Tuesday, I left work early to take Kuso to the doctor.  Turns out, he was recovering from pneumonia.  We got home and Kuso fell asleep on the recliner.  I was kind of dosing on the love seat and Leila came up and whispered "Mommy?  you asleep?" I didn't answer and next thing I know she picked up her night gown that was on the floor from the night before and put it over my arms like a blanket, leaned in and kissed my cheek and whispered "love you."  Then went about playing. 

Told you she was cute.

She is a great copy cat.  She has started to immitate everything I do.  When I comb her hair and she is playing with the elastic, I tap her shoulder, put my hand out and say "give me the pony tail."  Well, she is "in" to "doing my hair" now and does the EXACT same thing - movements, tone of voice, everything. 

My mom was combing her hair and while using the spray bottle she accidentally got some on the mirror.  Leila says "Grandma.  Don't. Squirt. The. Mirror."  Then it happened again.  She said the same thing, the same way, same irritated voice.  Can you guess what she hears when she plays with the water bottle while I'm combing her hair?

I probably shouldn't repeat this last story, but for history sake I am going to.  A few months ago, while driving with just Leila and myself in the car, I got irritated at this little white pickup truck and said "stay in your own lane you freaking retard."  (Note:  I try VERY hard not to use "retard" to describe something I don't like.  I used to use it a LOT.  I'm much improved but in the moment, it just came out.  I apologize to any who may be offended by that.)  So Leila responds "I not a freakin 'tard." 

Love you Bugglesquirt!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Potty Update

Proceed at your own caution...

Leila now wears panties all day AND all night.  She has slept in panties the last 4 or 5 nights and NO accidents!  She has only had one poop accident - which wasn't really her fault.  Let me explain.  We had gone to lunch and she "needed to potty" twice.  Neither time did she actually go, which is not normal.  She is good to use whatever potty she is around.  So I went back to work and she went to Kohls with my mom and sister in law Michelle. Michelle took her potty there and she "peed a lot."  Then my mom's story is that "they lost her for a minute" and when she came back, she had pooped....luckily enough, she was wearing a pull up that was still dry from the night before so it wasn't a TOTAL mess.  You see, Leila does NOT poop in front of people.  So since she was in public restrooms that had to have an adult there to help her, she could never relax to poop...and the rest is pretty self explanatory. 

NOW, the problem we have it that she has graduated to thinking she can wipe herself, even when she poops.  Yuck.  Any of you who have gone through this stage with your own kids, you know exactly what I'm talking about...those of you who have not experienced that yet, you will.  Good Luck! 

All in all though, Leila is amazing.  ZERO interest to basically fully potty trained (including over night) in less than a month - with VERY minimal accidents. 

**She also got through her first bout of diarrhea without any accidents!!!  She even woke up in the night to go to the potty when the bout first started.  I'm LOVING no diapers!!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!

THIS is my new camera.  Kuso is out of state for work (as he always is this time of year.)  So he recruited my mom's help in getting me my birthday gift.  THIS is what I got!  I haven't used it yet, because I needed to charge the battery, but after going to the rugby tournament and using other people's cameras to snap shots, I realized how much I disliked our last camera.  So for a few months now, I've been looking at ads in the paper and stuff.  I USUALLY tell Kuso what I want for my birthday (or any other gift giving occasion) but this time, this was all his idea!  He LOVES to surprise people and the fact that he remembered I had mentioned this in the past and actually acted on it is a big deal.

My parents gave me money.
Leila gave me a garden planter and a cute card with her hand traced in it.
Leslie (Bestie) gave me LOTS of candy (not that my waste needs it, but my mouth will love it) and a slushie maker (from ANY drink - including my Diet Dr. Pepper) mmmmm...she also brought a "rainbow" cake - kind of a funny story, but she and I know that Rainbow Chip is the way to go - not confetti cake, and not a cake with a picture of a rainbow on it!
Ann (leader I work in YW with gave me a HUGE bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and an Amelia Bedelia book.  We talked about those a few weeks ago and everyone thought we were crazy, so again, it was cool to be given something that was talked about a while back. 
Lisa (visiting teacher) dropped off some home made cookies.
Card from my grandma.  Card from my Relief Society Presidency.
Lots of text messages.  I haven't even checked facebook.  A few phone calls - including one from Shawn, little brother who is currently serving our country in Afghanistan.  I got 32 minutes on the phone with him, which is special anyway, but knowing where he is and what he is doing, it meant that much more.  I just realized I got 32 minutes for my 32 years!  Awesome.
And my sister in law will be bringing my gift to me tonight when they fly in from North Carolina! 
**I hope I didn't miss anything!
This was probably one of my most "recognized" birthday's I've had in a while.  I know some people hate growing older, but at this point, I'm lovin life!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mommy, Wow!


So all of the sudden, Leila is potty trained.  (except at night, but even that seems to be progressing a bit.)

On April 25th, Leila kept telling my mom she needed to go potty, but they only had the big potty so it was hard for her to get on.  My mom told me to buy a couple small potty's (she already had one at the sitter's - not that she used it.)  So I did.  The next day was Thursday and she started using her small potty.  By Saturday, she was trained enough that while we were outside cleaning cars and such, she told Kuso she needed to poo poo, went inside, and DID IT! 

The next week she started dumping her own small potty into the big potty.  Now, a week and a half later, she is a ROCK STAR.  In that time, she has had about 5 small potty accidents - TOTAL.  She has not had ANY poop accidents (knock on wood).  And last night, she somehow climbed up on the to the "too big potty" all by herself, pooped, then called out that she "did it!"  (without the seat to make it fit her little booty - she doesn't like to use that anymore either.)

I know I say this all the time, but I truly KNOW that I have the most talented, amazing, beautiful daughter in the world. 

Mystery Solved!

So apparently my computer at work no longer supports blogger, except in a wacked out format.  So enjoy....

Well, if you are in the mind of my awesome 2 year old, both Jiminy Cricket AND the Witch from Snow White will stand.  She has been calling BOTH of them Jiminy Cricket for quite a while now.  Troy solved the case!  In Snow White, the Dwarfs say "Jiminy Cricket!  There's the witch!"  So in her tricky mind, they are calling her Jiminy Cricket!  I always thought she was just weird...turns out, she's pretty smart to put that together. (In my humble but correct opinion.)