Thursday, August 27, 2009

Funny Comments

I'm OBVIOUSLY pregnant now. Enough so that people (including strangers) will say things about "how good I look," and that I'm "not that big for being that far along." In the past few days, I've had some pretty funny comments from unexpected sources.

One of my old probationer's saw me at the court house. I have had two of his younger brothers and a cousin, so the rest of the family has seen me and knows I'm expecting. I walked toward him and his first comment was "WHAT? When did this happen?'' My answer, "Umm, about 9 months ago I guess."

As I was walking out of the court house, one of the bailiff's said, "You should go swimming." I turned to look at him and he went on to explain that that is what his wife did with all their kids. "Not just because you are hot (meaning weather, not body), but because it just feels good." The funny thing about this comment is that I was in a search all spring long for a swimming suit that would work for the summer. My apartment complex has a pool that is directly across from our building. I haven't been in it once. I've only used the swimming suit one time all summer long. By the time I'm home, I don't want to change and go out again, so I don't. It would probably feel great though!

The infamous Judge Valdez asked how much longer I had and I told him about 2 weeks. He comments about how it's good that I'll deliver soon because I've "got a pretty good waddle going on." Then he proceeds to roll up his sleeves and ask if he should boil some water to sterilize the area and he can deliver the baby. I said, "you are on the news enough, I don't think we need another headline that says 'Judge induces labor to make Probation Officer happy.' " He agreed, laughed, and walked in his chambers.

If you don't know who I'm talking about, this Judge is well known for his mood swings and many people, (defendants, attorneys, case workers, parents, etc.) fear his drastic mood swings. When he's on a good day, he is great. Probably one of the best judges the juvenile system could ask for, but when he is in "one of his moods" everyone steers clear. So for him to make these comments was fairly uncharacteristic of his normal demeanor, therefore, being quite funny to myself and the clerks that were sitting there!

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