Thursday, July 28, 2011

Girl's Camp

I had the opportunity to go to Girl's Camp with my Stake. Well, for 2 days anyway. And yes, it was an opportunity. I love girl's camp. Especially when it includes nice facilities. This year we went to Heber Valley Camp that was inspired by President Gordon B. Hinkley. Anyone who has been on the property can see and feel the inspiration that went into developing this camp.

There are cabins or yurts with bunk beds. Pavilions to cook under with sinks, running water (hot and cold), camp stoves (includes griddles and propane), a walk in closet that has shelves and a fridge for food, and bathrooms with showers (the girls got to take one during the week).

A lake that allows campers to canoe. After everyone is in their canoe, there is a signal to start 2 minutes of silence where the directors ask each participant to use this silence to pray to our Heavenly Father. At the end of the silence, everyone sings out I Feel My Saviors Love. The song kind of echoes around the small lake. As the facilitator describes it "like Heavenly Angels" which was true. There is just no other way to describe it.

An obstacle course that allows girls to challenge themselves to go on the high course which includes climbing up a telephone pole (basically), walking across a log to the other pole, hooking up to the zip line, then falling over the edge to zip to the end of the line. The other "low" obstacles were team building activities which are then related to spiritual lessons we can apply to our lives. (YES! I did the high course! Go me!)

When Sister Marjorie Hinkley heard about what was going into this camp, she said something to the effect of "well these girls need ice. And clean water." So down at the main pavilion there is an ice machine (hotel style) with a spout for filtered water. SO refreshing to have COLD water during the hot months and the high altitude (8,000 ft.)

The wildlife are used to the campers being around so in the 2 days I was there, we saw deer (some were likely the same) about 10 different times, including babies. There was one deer who laid under our yurt for several hours one afternoon. They would just look at you and pose for pictures (for people who actually use their cameras.) Amazing.

We had a good group of girls. 26 in all. Each girl had "buddied up" with someone else which made it nice so that leaders did not have to "assign" friends so that some of the younger or quieter girls didn't get left out. They all got along, no problems, no fights, no arguing. It was bliss. We had a couple of non-members there as well as a "delinquent youth" who "has a record." Each of these girls (who I had never met before) were drawn to me and we all became quite close. A couple of these new friends got teary when I had to leave.

This camp was truly inspired by our Heavenly Father. And regardless of background or personality, it brings the best out in everyone and each individual has the opportunity to feel our Savior's love through the beauty of the surroundings.

btw...this camp is available for families to rent on weekends and through the winter months. I would HIGHLY recommend you find some way to get a chance to visit this camp at least once in your life. It truly is amazing.

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Survis Family said...

Let's do it next year for the Taylor reunion!! You can't tell me that it wouldn't be awesome!