Friday, October 21, 2011


Leila had her two-year-old check up with Dr. Brasher on the 18th (a month and a few days overdue, but putting it into October we were able to get her flu vaccination too.) Anyway...she is 35 1/4 inches tall and 31 lbs 11 oz. That puts her in the mid to up 70% for height and 92% on weight!

If the old wives tale that says "when you are 2 you are half the height you will grow to" is true, that puts Leila at around 5' 10.5". Nice. Leila...I hope your short mother doesn't slow you down! Although, most of her high school age cousins are around that same height too, so maybe she will grow tall...does anyone else hear a volleyball scholarship yelling her name? (a mom can wish can't she?)


Mom of 12 said...

Wow, great stats! I just noticed you were from West Valley. We are practically neighbors. We are in South Jordan.

Chad and Nicole said...

She is going to be a tall beauty!!