Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend in Review

Friday June 24th
* West Fest - Just me and Leila (Kuso was STILL in Wyoming!)
--did a massive search to find a WORKING ATM that wasn't already tapped out by 7pm. I think I found the last one (after 4 previous attempts). Why the massive search? Because I'm such a good wife I NEEDED to add yet another Bob Marley shirt to hubby's massive collection (but I had never seen this one before and it looked nice) - btw...part of the deal of him wearing Bob Marley so much is that there cannot be ANY drugs, smoking, or paraphernalia type stuff. -- it's kinda hard to find SO many shirts that are "appropriate." :)
--bought myself a cute little baby blue Hawaiian print bag to take to places like parks and such where I need to take a FEW things but don't want to use my pockets (after losing the rugby tickets back in February and having to retrace almost a 1/2 mile worth of steps to luckily find them again, I don't trust my back pockets anymore!)
--bought my mom a birthday present! YEP! at West Fest. It's actually something she told me a while back she really wanted (and since she reads this, I'm going to let her stew over it for another month or so when she can actually receive her present!)
--after West Fest Leila and I went home and just vegged.

Saturday June 25
--Kuso came home early that morning because late the night before it was decided only 6 guys were going to work Saturday (even though all 14 had stayed there to work - oh well.)
--went to Costco
--went to visit his parents
--took his mom shopping for some new clothes
--he went to watch rugby (it's his team but since he has been soooo busy working lately, he hasn't had a chance to train/run with them so he didn't play.) Leila and I took a nap.
--went to Taylorsville days. I thought the main concert started at 7, so we were there and seated by then just to see/hear a local acapella band. Then at 8 the REAL main concert started -Abbacadabra - an Abba cover band! It was pretty fun. Then the fireworks started at 10 and went on until 10:35. AND they play them to music which makes it even better.

Sunday June 26
--family dinner with Kuso's parents and his uncles and such. Because there were SO many people and SO much going on, it threw a MASSIVE kink into Leila's nap. Luckily, we were able to adjust slightly and she was still in bed at a moderately normal time (for her.) and SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! (this is getting more and more frequent, but she still has an off night every now and then...)
--Kuso left to go BACK to Wyoming.

ALL of this and I didn't take one.single.picture. Oh well.

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Chad and Nicole said...

Super busy, but sounds like it was super fun!! So glad that you were able to spend a little more time with your hubby :)