Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Yesterday Leila has started to use VERY small sentences, consistently. EVERYTHING she said was "I eat." "I sit." "I dance." "I jump." "I stuck." It's cute. I love watching her learn new words.

While we were out to dinner with my parents, she was sitting in a high chair (which she only does usually if my dad is around) and she leaned her head back to where she was looking at the ceiling. She kept saying "I stuck. I stuck." And wouldn't move. We offered her drinks, food, etc. Eventually something made her laugh and she gave up on being "stuck." That is her favorite. To pretend to be stuck.

Also, last night after her bath we were sitting on the living room floor reading books. If I was watching the TV, she would slap my cheek (kinda softly, but not really) and say "Mama...LOOK!" She definitely wanted me to see what she was seeing.

When we read books, if I point at several objects, she points the same amount of times, at different random things. Last night I made her use her pointer finger and let me use her finger to point at things. She started to throw a small tantrum because she was trying to give me her hand so I would use her finger again, but she was doing it so awkwardly I thought she was trying to tell me to take my hand off the book. So when I took my hand all the way off, she would melt down. THEN, I would use her hand to point and she was happy. That happened twice before I caught on quicker the third time.

Even though this stage of development can be trying because communication skills are very minimal, it's fun and I love it.

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