Monday, June 15, 2009

So Proud...

This last weekend we went to St. George so Kuso and his cousins could dance at a wedding. Sorry. No pics because I was busy recording video! YEAH! We finally caught up with the rest of the world and have a video camera. Anyway...while they were performing, there were people sitting on the other end of the table from where I was. The one man said, "Wow. These guys are good!" The other man said, "They're the best I've ever seen." Those comments coming from people in attendance at a polynesian wedding mean a little more to me than people attending a palagi (white) wedding. No offense to any of my fellow palagi's...Later in the performance, the mother-in-law of one of the guys in the group leaned over and said "Your husband is REALLY good." Yeah...I'm pretty proud when the boys dance because I get to hear all the side comments about how well they do, especially Kuso.

While at the wedding, Kuso ran into one of his brother's childhood friends. Mandy invited us to her house later that night. We ended up staying until 2 am! It's so fun for me to visit with people that Kuso grew up with because I learn so much about him and his family.

I don't know why I like to think I can stay up and party like when I was in college. Friday night we didn't go to sleep until around 3 am and Saturday night it was nearly 2:30 am. We slept in late both days, but it's not the same kind of sleep. It will probably take me a few days to recoop!

LASTLY...Friday was the 3 month mark to Leila's due date! We are getting SO excited to meet our daughter. I've had dreams about what she looks like. I'm anxious to see if any of it is even close to what she will really be like. At the wedding, there were a TON of little girls, many of them afatasi (half/half) like what Leila will be. If she is as cute as some of the girls we saw, we won't be disappointed! The last few weeks Kuso has been able to see and feel her move. This is so exciting for him, and it makes me so happy to see the excitement on his face. Kuso uses her name more regularly, while I still feel wierd calling her "Leila." I still say "baby" or something like that.

It's been funny because in the pregnancy books and websites, it says that at this stage, poking the stomach likely won't simulate movement. But the other night, Kuso kept moving my stomach and saying "Leeeeeiiiiillllllaaaaa...." And then she would kick so strong. It was funny. Then he would do it again, and within seconds of him stopping the movement, she would start moving. Not just small movements. It felt like she was playing with him!

I'll post another picture soon, but I guess I'm really looking prego now, because people who don't even know me will ask when I'm due. Some may feel that these comments are inappropriate, but I'd rather look pregnant, than in that fat stage where no one dares say anything. And Kuso's cousins told me "you look really good in your pregnancy." They started talking about how big their wives were by the time they were as far along as I am now. I love nice comments.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa, want to go for a jog? HA HA, Nice comments are way better than some of the other ones we get!

The Jensen Family said...

We are excited to meet her too!!!!