Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Aukuso!

Dinner at Red Lobster
Saturday December 20th was Kuso's 29th birthday! We started off the day with home made breakfast. Ham, Hashbrowns, Toast, Eggs, and Koko Samoa. Mmmmm.
Then Kuso opened his presents.
(notice the awesome U of U shirt he is sporting...)
Then we just hung out, did some shopping, and relaxed at home.
That evening we met up with my parents and older brother
for dinner at Red Lobster.
After dinner, we met up with Kuso's friends and family
Pasami, Laki, Apelu, Iafeta, and their wives to see a movie.
I tried my best to make it a special day.
I'm pretty sure I had success.

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