Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sinave 6 Month Stats!

Sinave...I'm not sure words can describe how much we love you...but I'll give it a try to at least explain what you are up to these days...
Tuesday September 10, 2013 was your 6 month check-up. Your measurements are as follows:
-Head - 46.2 cm (96%)
-Height - 27 1/2 in (79%)
-Weight - 20 lbs 12 oz (90%)
(That's 2 full pounds more than your sister was at her 6 month check!)

You had more shots and screamed...until you saw the mirror.
Then you calmed right down and almost giggled.

I'm writing this post about three weeks past your actual 6 month mark. 
*You don't eat anything except formula.  And not due to lack of trying.  We have tried rice, oatmeal, vegetables, fruits, meats, runny, thick, mutliple combinations of foods, warm, room temp, cold...NOTHING.  You are not digging food.  However, you DO open your mouth when we've given you the saucy parts of adult soups. So maybe you just want REAL food.  I can't imagine how big you will grow when you start eating food and not just formula.
*You wear size 4 diapers.  3's still fit, but they are snug. I prefer 4's.
*You wear size 12 month clothes in most things.  Some 9 month stuff fits, but it is quite snug.  You mostly wear it because I haven't bought enough of the 12 month stuff.  BUT, the 12 month pants are quite long on your short legs.
*You are super smiley and very easy going.
--Except when you get left alone in a room.
*You still enjoy a good snuggle now and then. 
Sometimes you will just lay in mine or grandma's arms and just softly babble.
*Just this week you have said "mmmoma" about four times.  You usually say "mmmmmBa" 
*You still love bath time.  You have started playing with toys in the bath.
*In the last four weeks, you have gone from dead weight on the floor to rolling (all over), sitting, scooting, crawling, crawling outside of the living space (like all over the house), and now you are pulling yourself up to standing against the couch or in your crib.  BUD!  It usually takes most kids several months to go through those did it all in one month!  Dr. Brasher said that 1 in 4 kids walks by their 9 month mark.  If you keep this up, you could be one of them.
*You seem to be left handed, but your right hand is getting more use lately.
*You've had really bad exzema on your shoulders, chest, and arms.  We started using Melaleuca "Renew" lotion and it helps a TON.  You have some more serious spots on your right arm (right above your elbow where your shirts rub) and on your left nipple.  They get really crusty, and ooze.  BUT, we have also found a cream that helps if we can keep it on every day.
*You are in a "stay in the car" are too heavy to lug around in the infant seat.
*You squeal like a girl sometimes.
*You LOVE your sister. Every time she walks in your path, your eyes light up and you smile. 
You can't take your eyes off of her and will her to play with you. 
When she does play with you, you laugh so hard.
*You have a funny's almost a grunt sometimes.
*You have the brightest eyes (if dark brown can be bright) and just make people look at you.
*I always get comments about how handsome you are.  You don't get called "cute" you are called "handsome."  A lot of "older" (as in 50+) ladies tell me how handsome you are going to be when you are older.  And then they keep telling me that until we are out of their sight. 
You have a way with the ladies already.  HA!
*Nani Aiono (dad's cousin Wally's daughter) is your babysitter.  She LOVES you and tells people you Leila are her kids.  Wally loves you too. 
He always has to get extra holding time before you leave the house. 
*You don't look like you weigh as much as you do.  Several people have asked to hold you, then are VERY surprised when you lug down in their arms.  Every single person says that "he is a tank." 
*I call you "son" and so does your sister.  Sometimes I call you "lover boy" but usually when no one else is around.  You are so sweet that you just look at me and I can feel the love.
*You are hard to take to church, just because you are so wiggly. 
*You don't sleep well.  You wake up most nights, at least once if not two or three times.  If you eat, it's usually not very much.  Some days you don't even take good naps.  BUT, you go to bed much earlier than your sister ever did.  When you do wake up, it's usually like clockwork.  And when you do wake up, you usually go back to bed within 20 minutes.
*Your favorite toys right now are Leila's baton that has streamers on the ends and rattles when you shake it (that grandpa got at the dollar store) and any ball or ball shaped item.  Right now, most of the balls you play with, you can "palm" them. 
*You do have a touch of a temper when you don't get fed promptly (which could be part of your not eating food problem.  You want to eat NOW and get instant satisfaction, not take the time to eat food.  But in my defense, I have tried feeding you before you were hungry and you still had no interest.)
*One day Leila and Dad were play fighting and when you heard Leila sreaming (with a giggle) you scooted your way over there and tried to get involved.  Whether you were defending her, or wanting to play, I'm not sure.  But the skwaks you were making sounded like you were concerned about what was going on.  As a mother, that made me smile.

*Last, but not least, you are STRONG.  VERY STRONG. 
Son, I love you.  Your dad loves you.  Your sister loves you.  You extended family loves you. 
Thank You for joining our family and bringing so much love.
I'm excited to see you grow and see what you will become in the future.

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