Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hank and Darla

When Shawn and his family were in Utah, the other half of their family stayed in my parents backyard. Darla is the Bull Mastiff on the left and Hank is the Boxer on the right. They are both pretty awesome dogs in their own rights.

Anyway, Leila LOVES dogs. However, she is also allergic to them (which means we will never have to own one!) Her babysitter has a dog and our neighbors have a dog. That will be good enough. So, you THINK, she should be scared of these large dogs. NOPE. Not at all. In fact, I think she is less scared of them than Kiley is (who lives with them!)

EVERY day she wanted to feed them. Often times, that is how we would get her do quit crying or to do something she was bribing her that she could feed the dogs. It was great. The dogs are gone. No more dog bribes. But she still talks about them frequently. Isn't she the cutest snot ever?

Darla is UP IN HER FACE. Not scared. She LOVED it.

When Shawn and Michelle loaded up to go, (Kiley stayed for a few days and flew out there with Grandma Ford) it was sad to see them go. It was so fun to have them visit for an extended stay. It was also sad to see the dogs go, just because I know how happy they made Leila.

I hear the argument ALL the time that Leila would love to have her own dog. Again, the babysitter has one and the neighbors have one. THOSE dogs are already cared for without my help. That sounds good to me!

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