Tuesday, October 20, 2009

1st Trip to Instacare

Sunday, Leila had a rough day. She was kind of fussy throughout church (normally she just sleeps.) We got home, fed her and put her down for a nap. About 20 minutes later, screaming. Bloody Murder screaming. VERY uncharacteristic of our daughter, so we were concerned. We gave her some Mylicon drops (gas relief) and tried burping her some more. Despite our efforts, Leila continued to cry. We bounced her, cuddled her, layed her on the floor, changed her diaper, gave her a binki, gave her gas drops, EVERYTHING that has ever soothed her. Nothing worked.

I had received a "care basket" for one of my baby showers. It had medicine and a thermometer. She felt hot, so we tried taking her temperature to see if medication would be appropriate. Of course I couldn't concentrate on how to make the silly thing work right, so we just winged it. Didn't work. So I started reading labels on the medicine. All of it said consult with a doctor under 6 months. Tried calling her doctor's office to see if there was an after hours number to call. No answer.

By this time, Kuso and I were as upset as Leila. So we decided to take her to the Instacare to be safe. We had also been told that his nephew has swine flu. He touched Leila's cheek the week before. Just to be safe, we decided to get her checked out.

All physical signs checked out okay. And no, she didn't have a temperature. Because she is so young, they wanted to make sure she did not have any blood or urine/bladder infections. They had to do a catheter and a blood sample. She didn't cry for the catheter or the heal prick. However, they first tried to get blood from her vein in her hand. Obviously they missed or whatever, but little Leila SCREAMED!

Anyway, after all that, she was just fine. The doctor says "babies like to cry" and left it at that. He said it was good we brought her in, but I think he was just trying to make us "first timers" feel better about our decision to take her to the doctor. I still stand by our decision. Leila is a very mellow, calm baby most of the time. If she gets fussy, it's a matter of a few minutes to pacify her. After she had acted this way for over 2 hours the night before and over an hour that day, we were concerned.

Chalk one up to being inexperienced..but, what ya gonna do? At least we have peace of mind knowing she is healthy.

By the way...she is over 10 pounds now!!! With a fresh diaper and PJ's on, she weighed 10.2 pounds the day before she turned 5 weeks old!


The Jensen Family said...

You know your baby better than anyone so don't ever second guess yourself, you did good mamma!

Anonymous said...

You did good, Lisa! You'll see that one of the hardest things about being a parent is trying to figure out when or what the baby needs. Especially you're first time around. Through each experience you'll learn her signs and so many remedies! But still there are times when you'll still wonder if you should or shouldn't so just remember that as a mom you have a great intuition and always trust it. And like you said, peace of mind is priceless!