Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Weekend

This weekend, my brother Shawn, his wife Michelle, their daughter Kiley and my other brother Troy came in to visit from California. They all came in Thursday night, but Michelle came in Friday. Kiley and my parents came to my work party which was Kiley's costume debut. She was not very happy and the costume lasted about 3 minutes. After taking a nap, Kiley was in a better mood and was such a good cooperative girl for Trunk or Treat with my parents ward. She left the costume on all night and didn't even try to take it off! My mom made the costume all by herself! Adorable huh? That's my mom and Kiley going trick-or-treating above.
Saturday night we went out to dinner to celebrate Shawn's birthday that was on the 30th. We spent the night laughing our guts out over the STUPIDEST stuff, but it was fun. Sunday, my mom made turkey dinner before everyone had to go home.
It was so fun to have all of our family together for the weekend. I miss having my brothers here. Come back and visit soon!
Shawn and Kiley Trick-or-Treating
The neighbor kids.
Bella and her doll were witches and little Max was a turtle.
The other neighbor kid.
A pirate obviously...with peg leg, hook, and eyepatch included.
This is my mom's favorite pose that Kiley does.
She calls it her "supermodel pose."
Hanging out with Uncle Troy.

Kiley and Grandpa Vic waiting for dinner at the Outback Steakhouse.


Sundquist Family said...

Hey aunt Lisa, I have cute pictures of us, I'll have my dad send them to you!

Texie said...

Cute family and I love Kiley in her cute little lion costume!!!

Wilson said...

Lisa it is great to hear how things are going and we wish you the best.
Cody and Juliann