Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sinave - 15 months

Sinave, again, I need to apologize.  I think about posting this information often, but rarely get around to it. 

So...here it is, 3 months later...
15 month stats

Weight - 27.13 lbs - 96%
Height - 32 in - 76%
Head - 49.5 cm - we didn't get the percentage, but I'm sure it's still upper 90's%.  I looked it up and it is close to 98%+. 

At 15 months old you were wearing size 4 diapers. 
You wear size 12-18 month bottoms - some up to size 24 month
You wear size 2T shirts - You still fit a few 18 month shirts, and wear some 3T shirts that don't look ridiculous on you.
You are developing quite the personality.  You are getting sillier and are a pretty big tease.  But you also have a temper that goes from 0-60 in a few short seconds over certain situations.  Mostly when you are hungry and/or tired.
You love Leila and are starting to copy what she does.
You push boundaries - like going into the street.  You stop, look at an adult, then despite a look or verbal disapproval, you step out onto the street anyway.  You never run into the street, you just test us to see how far you can go without consequence.  Then when you do get a consequence, you look at us like we've ruined you for life.  That being said, most consequences start with just simply removing you from the road, putting you back on the grass, then telling you to not do that.  Immediately, you do it again, so then you get a swat on the booty.  THAT is when you look at us like we've betrayed you.  But then you buck up and go on with life.
You CLIMB. ON. EVERYTHING.  And you don't give up until you get to where you are trying to get.
You still love the water.  And to entertain you during the summer months, we can just turn a trickle on the hose and you will play with it for a long time.  You also love to be squirted with the hose...which, I'm not going to lie, is fun for me too.
Your eczema is hit and miss.  If we follow the "rules" given to us by the doctor (no more than 3 baths per week, 3 minutes or less in the bath, and lotion on within 3 minutes of getting out) then your skin does notably well.  If we go off that course much, then it flares up.  And for as much as you love water, it's hard to stick to those rules.
And while we're on the topic, you FIND water ANYWHERE and will play in it.  Bird baths, trickles from the hose, spilled soda on the side walk, drain water going down the gutter, puddles from the rain, etc.  ANY water makes you happy.
You had your first trip to Lagoon and loved the rides that you were able to go on.  But, your favorite part was probably when you got to play in a trough of water while waiting for Daddy and Leila to finish riding the water ride.

I don't want to get into what you are doing now, because we take you in for your 18 month check up soon.  I'll post more about you then.

I can't end a post about you without telling you how much you have blessed our family.  You are so sweet (most of the time) and mischievious, but so dang handsome that we can't help but to think you are adoreable whatever you are doing.  We love you son.

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